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Apr 2017
Michael Stringer
Apr 12 2017 09:25
any chance that get some release notes for 0.13.15? (would like to know what shinies it gives us before switching our projects over)
Michael Stringer
Apr 12 2017 09:26
thanks @eed3si9n, can someone add them to the github releases?
Michael Stringer
Apr 12 2017 09:28
Apr 12 2017 12:41
hi sbt, I'm building a resourceGenerator auto plugin which works as expected. However my tests have "overloaded" some resources. When sbt invokes my plugin during running tests it does so with source/target set to main insted of test. Googling around doesn't give anything conrete (mostly results about running tests under sbt); any help would be appreciated...
Apr 12 2017 12:48
nevermind, changing in Compile to in Test dida what I wanded so now I have to only reorganize things not to duplicate too much
thnaks :D
Edmondo Porcu
Apr 12 2017 14:28
hello, I am using sbt pack to build a set of libs that will go on the classpath of a servlet container and xsbt-web to build a war. The two are submodules of the same project and I consistently see duplication problems on my classpath, i.e. classes that ends up both going in the /lib/ and inside the war. Can I make a task in a module depend on a task in another module?
Adelbert Chang
Apr 12 2017 23:38

hm how do i get a custom taskKey to reflect per-project variable overrides? e.g.

val myCustomTask = taskKey[Unit]("")

myCustomTask := println(name.value)

and then..

> myCustomTask
> project scalaUtil
> myCustomTask
[error] Not a valid command: myCustomTask
[error] No such setting/task
[error] myCustomTask
[error]             ^
doing myCustomTask in ThisBuild makes it available, but then the printed name is always root
i have confirmed the scalaUtil project has a .settings(name := "util-scala")