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Apr 2017
Anthony Holland
Apr 22 2017 19:04
Does sbt yet have a clear or cls, i.e. an equivalent of exit, cls, sbt that doesn't involve restarting sbt ?
Apr 22 2017 19:40
i don't think so - is that even possible in a portable way?
this sounds like - for windows - you could make a command doing that:
Apr 22 2017 19:47
@rbellamy gitter does that all the time to me.. i'd call it a bug.
Anthony Holland
Apr 22 2017 19:56
Ha, I'll have a go at that and let you know, thanks @ritschwumm
Andrew Gaydenko
Apr 22 2017 22:40

Hi! What is not-deprecated (in 0.13.15) equivalent of

    compile in Compile <<= (compile in Compile) dependsOn (fastOptJS in Compile in client),


Brian Topping
Apr 22 2017 23:27
Hmm. I see what I am doing wrong here with the call to value here, but I don't understand how to get around it:
  lazy val featureFile: SettingKey[File] = SettingKey[File]("features")

  lazy val osgiKeys: Seq[Setting[_]] = if (featureFile.value.exists()) {
      Keys.artifact in(Compile, Keys.packageBin) ~= (_.copy(`type` = "jar")),
      OsgiKeys.exportPackage := Seq(s"${packageName.value}.*"),
      OsgiKeys.privatePackage := Seq.empty
    ) ++ addArtifact(Def.setting(Artifact(moduleName.value, "xml", "xml", "feature")), Def.task(
  } else Nil
I'm using Seq[Setting[_]] for the value type since I need to append it to the projectSettings of a plugin
does osgiKeys need to be a task that depends on featureFile?