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May 2017
Justin Kaeser
May 26 2017 11:54
on publishLocal I get:
[IJ]> publishLocal
[info] :: delivering :: org.jetbrains#sbt-structure-core_2.10;7.0.0+35-8ba00a43 :: 7.0.0+35-8ba00a43 :: release :: Fri May 26 13:53:27 CEST 2017
[info]     delivering ivy file to /Users/jast/workspace/sbt-structure/core/target/scala-2.10/ivy-7.0.0+35-8ba00a43.xml
[warn] Attempting to overwrite /Users/jast/.ivy2/local/org.jetbrains/sbt-structure-core_2.10/7.0.0+35-8ba00a43/jars/sbt-structure-core_2.10.jar
[warn]     This usage is deprecated and will be removed in sbt 1.0.
what is "this usage"?
May 26 2017 11:54
You're overwriting jars with the same revision.
Josh wanted to deprecate that behaviour in 1.0, but it's not clear to me we should.
It was done to prevent some very very rare issues from appearing.
The idea is that you, in theory, should not be overwriting your local repository, because otherwise that conflicts with ivy's aggressive caching
Justin Kaeser
May 26 2017 11:58
hm, okay. also apparently it's happening on trying to cross-publish and it's not actually cross-publishing
Justin Kaeser
May 26 2017 12:10
bug I guess?
[IJ]> ^^ 0.13.13 pluginCrossBuild:sbtVersion
[info] Setting `sbtVersion in pluginCrossBuild` to 0.13.13
[info] Set current project to sbt-structure-extractor-0.13.13 (in build file:/Users/jast/workspace/sbt-structure/)
[info] 0.13.16-M1
Justin Kaeser
May 26 2017 16:50
I continue to be impressed in how many ways publishing can fail:
[error] (sbtRuntimeDependencies/*:ssExtractDependencies) sbt.ResolveException: unresolved dependency: org.jetbrains#sbt-structure-extractor-1-0-0-M5;7.0.0+38-44498630: java.text.ParseException: inconsistent module descriptor file found in '/Users/jast/.ivy2/local/org.jetbrains/sbt-structure-extractor-1-0-0-M5/scala_2.12/sbt_1.0.0-M5/7.0.0+38-44498630/ivys/ivy.xml': bad module name: expected='sbt-structure-extractor-1-0-0-M5' found='sbt-structure-extractor-1-0-0-m5';
"bad module name: expected='sbt-structure-extractor-1-0-0-M5' found='sbt-structure-extractor-1-0-0-m5'"
Jonathan Leonard
May 26 2017 20:55
hi, i have a tree of projects using maven to build (each with their own pom.xml). in order to convert these to sbt, i found this solution:
My question is: how can I then get the generated build.sbts to work together (perhaps as module/submodule relations within sbt)?
Sam Halliday
May 26 2017 20:57
fun doge question for anybody who knows how it works: how come the JS projects are not being disabled for 2.12 here propensive/contextual#22 ?
(I don't know the answer)