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Jun 2017
Shane Delmore
Jun 10 2017 03:56
@dwijnand Is this a recommended way to go? I thought the advice was to stay away from multiple build.sbt files, wondering if I am working with outdated advice.
Adelbert Chang
Jun 10 2017 06:11
yeah i assumed the preferred way was a build.sbt at the top-level, that's how i've seen libs like cats, doobie, etc. do it
Nicolas Rinaudo
Jun 10 2017 07:05
That's how I do it anyway - and the common bits in an Autoplugin under /project
Dale Wijnand
Jun 10 2017 07:30
Yeah, stay away from multiple .sbt files.
Sam Halliday
Jun 10 2017 12:24
I upgraded java today on archlinux and now I get this everytime I start sbt
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "0x100"
    at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
anybody else seeing the same?
nevermind, was a broken ncurses
Jun 10 2017 21:35
Question about Free interpreter (immutableCompiler) example in (well, its a scala question mostly): How can the generic type parameter A fit both the return types () and Option[A]?
I sense there's something basic I'm missing - I come from Java
Sorry, wrong channel!