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Jun 2017
eugene yokota
Jun 26 2017 14:28
for anyone who wants to try the new syntax for sbt shell and build.sbt, there's now a plugin for that.
Sukant Hajra
Jun 26 2017 14:45
I could have sworn that whatDependsOn was giving me tab-completion on the various artifacts resolved in the resolver.
Sukant Hajra
Jun 26 2017 14:51
Okay, I think I figured it out. I guess you have to run dependencyTree first or maybe some similar command.
Dale Wijnand
Jun 26 2017 14:53
yeah it caches the module graph
I'd say raise an issue, but then it looks like whatDependsOn is not meant to be user-facing API?
Nic Flores
Jun 26 2017 14:58
how do you call it? I've tried this:
> whatDependsOn
[error] Expected whitespace character
[error] Expected 'org.quasar-analytics'
[error] Expected 'org.typelevel'
[error] whatDependsOn
[error]                                ^
Sukant Hajra
Jun 26 2017 15:10
@nicflores if you have the sbt-depenency-graph plugin enabled
> whatDependsOn org.scalaz scalaz-core_2.11 7.2.9
Nic Flores
Jun 26 2017 15:14
thanks! @shajra that should help in some troubleshooting I'm currently looking into
Edmondo Porcu
Jun 26 2017 16:29
Our build in SBT fails because it's multi-module and we are using a java library that internally use reflection. It seems like not all classes are correctly unloaded between one module and the other
We basically end up wrapping all the methods that use reflection in Thread.currentThread()setContextClassLoader
Vladimir Kostyukov
Jun 26 2017 17:01
Hello! Is there a way express the following “cyclic” dependency in sbt?
lazy val core = (project in file("core"))
   .dependsOn(LocalProject("impl") % "test")

lazy val impl = (project in file("impl"))
Obviously, this fails to compile with [error] Cyclic reference involving.
Edmondo Porcu
Jun 26 2017 17:28
@vkostyukov there should not be a way to express cyclic dependencies in software :))
Jun 26 2017 17:32
it's not really cyclic though
split it into three projects
Vladimir Kostyukov
Jun 26 2017 17:45
@OlegYch What do you mean? Like moving the tests out of core into tests that depends on both core and impl. Yeah I can see that working.
Sukant Hajra
Jun 26 2017 19:28
I'm having a hard time finding in the documentation where ++ is mentioned for cross-compilation builds.
I see +, though.
Sukant Hajra
Jun 26 2017 20:17
(I found it).
Sukant Hajra
Jun 26 2017 21:00
cross-compiling is confusing me a lot.
Just when I think I understand how it's supposed to be set up, I run into something that doesn't work the way I'd prefer.