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Jul 2017
Nicolas Rinaudo
Jul 22 2017 14:09
I'm writing a task (say checkStyle) that I want to depend on another one (scalastyle). scalastyle is only defined in Compile and Test, and the only way I've found to define my checkStyle in a way that behaved as intended was to wrap its definition in calls to inConfig(Compile)(...) and inConfig(Test)(...)
this is a bit cumbersome, and it carries over - thcheckStyle tasked is meant to be extended by plugins further down, which will also need to jump through the same hoops rather than just say, say, checkStyle := checkStyle.dependsOn(scalafmt)
is there a better solution for this?
I'd be fine with somehow declaring scalastyle, if not defined for the current scope, defaults to compile:scalastyle. Or to somehow have "downstream" tasks automatically be limitted to the scopes scalastyle is defined in
at worse, an inConfigs(Compile, Test)(...) syntax would at least alleviate some of the pain
Matt Hicks
Jul 22 2017 14:18
can SBT plugins not be published to Sonatype like other projects?
I just published my plugin to Sonatype and now the project that uses it can't find the released version.
@darkfrog26 plugins can be published to Sonatype, but it also requires extra attributes beyond just Scala version
Nicolas Rinaudo
Jul 22 2017 19:49
isn't everything taken care of automatically by publish if you declare sbtPlugin := true, or something like that?
eugene yokota
Jul 22 2017 22:53
should be