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Jul 2017
Miles Sabin
Jul 30 09:49
Is there a list of plugins available for 1.0.0 anywhere?
N.S. Cutler
Jul 30 13:13
Compile with 2.12.3 + 1.0.0-RC3 possible?
> ++2.12.3
> show scalaVersion
[info] 2.12.3

> ^^1.0.0-RC3
> show pluginCrossBuild::sbtVersion
[info] 1.0.0-RC3

> show scalaVersion
[info] 2.12.2 // huh?

> ++2.12.3
[info] 2.12.3 // ok

> show pluginCrossBuild::sbtVersion
[info] 0.13.16 // what?
Jul 30 13:22

Hello everyone
How to figure out the cause of such error:

Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:$unpickler$.unpickle([BILscala/reflect/internal/Symbols$Symbol;Lscala/reflect/internal/Symbols$Symbol;Ljava/lang/String;)V

The most sad thing is that in module A the code where the error occurs - works fine.
But in the module B which depends on module A the error occurs :(

Rob Norris
Jul 30 22:15
@eed3si9n hey i'm trying to cross-publish with sbt-doge and sbt-release and I think I have followed your instructions correctly ... should release work? It's only building 2.12. Not sure what I'm misunderstanding.