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Aug 2017
Mike Mazur
Aug 01 2017 06:01

Hi, I’m having trouble downloading sbt-0.13.16.tgz. Both Firefox and Chrome block the download. using cURL I get a corrupt file:

$ shasum -a 256 sbt-0.13.16.tgz
367982d8448d26b1ba26026f481b983ea3d4ebacf892ed6a41c4d1ee0d1ec397  sbt-0.13.16.tgz
$ tar zxf sbt-0.13.16.tgz
sbt/lib/local-preloaded/org.scala-lang/scala-compiler/2.12.2/jars/scala-compiler.jar: (Empty error message)
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

I have a suspicion it has to do with a corrupt file being served to me by the CDN edge closest to me (Singapore). Is anyone else having this issue?

Jeffrey Olchovy
Aug 01 2017 07:33
@godenji can you paste your build.sbt and plugins.sbt definition? i haven't had issue running scripted for a project which includes a plugin that needs to be cross built. i also just created the simplest example plugin project that i could to test (a single project which is a plugin that has crossSbtVersions Seq("0.13.16", "1.0.0-RC3"), scriptedSettings, and in that project's plugins.sbt it has libraryDependencies += "org.scala-sbt" % "scripted-plugin" % sbtVersion.value). i added an example scripted test to src/sbt-test/my-sbt-plugin/example and everything succeeded when i invoked ^scripted.
N.S. Cutler
Aug 01 2017 11:06
@jeffreyolchovy thanks, see repo with failing 2.12 tests. Not sure why ^scripted fails for 2.12 phase of tests, would like to get this sorted out before releasing.
N.S. Cutler
Aug 01 2017 11:42
huh, prior to switching to sbt cross build the tests had scalaVersion hard coded to 2.10.6. I removed scala version from my local branch's tests and...they fail in the same way during 2.12 phase.
Akshay Patel
Aug 01 2017 14:40
Someone please help I'm losing my mind
unmanagedResourceDirectories in Test <+= baseDirectory( _ / "target/web/public/test" )
This line is in the file
I am migrating from 0.13.5 to 0.13.15 and <+= is now deprecated
But when I replace with +=
I get this error No implicit for Append.Value[Seq[], sbt.Def.Initialize[]] found, so sbt.Def.Initialize[] cannot be appended to Seq[]
I'm not sure how to deal with this
Akshay Patel
Aug 01 2017 14:47
unmanagedResourceDirectories in Test += baseDirectory[Seq[File]] {
  val file = (baseDirectory).value / "target/web/public/test"
I tried doing something like that
error: No implicit for Append.Value[Seq[], sbt.Def.Initialize[Seq[sbt.File]]] found, so sbt.Def.Initialize[Seq[sbt.File]] cannot be appended to Seq[]
But it still get this error
Dale Wijnand
Aug 01 2017 14:50
@AkshayP__twitter unmanagedResourceDirectories in Test += (baseDirectory.value / "target/web/public/test")
Akshay Patel
Aug 01 2017 14:52
Quite new at this
Aug 01 2017 14:54
Does anyone know a way that a SBT project can generate sources during compile, then another SBT Project can use those generated sources in an SBT task? Is there a way to import those sources in the plugins.sbt file or something?
Jeffrey Olchovy
Aug 01 2017 19:10
@godenji just cloned the repo and checked out your branch. i actually got an error during scalariformFormat in all scripted tests against 1.0.0-RC3. the sbt 0.13.16 scripted tests all succeeded. it looks like there is an issue with the preference file parsing (?), see the following pastebin for more details:
Aug 01 2017 19:18
any way to get the classpath used by sbt to run a project? Something in the format jar1:jar2:jar3...
Aug 01 2017 19:26
ok this works >show compile:dependency-classpath
Aug 01 2017 20:15
@dwijnand while we wait for sbt 1.0, is it possible to call sbt from an sbt autoplugin? I need an sbt autoplugin that generates some source files but the code that generates the sources files works only with scala 2.12. The codegen is in the same multiproject of the projects using it and maybe a temporary hack could be to just create an sbt autoplugin that calls sbt run on the codegen project. Do you think it would make sense? I'm out of ideas otherwise
N.S. Cutler
Aug 01 2017 20:21
@jeffreyolchovy yeah, a recent PR pulls in sjsonnew and jawn, blowing up somewhere along the line. Fun afternoon so far, new shiny, old broken.