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Sep 2017
David Francoeur
Sep 09 16:58

Hi, quick question regarding scopes.
I use sbt(0.13.16) with sbt-twirl, I added scalacOptions suggested by @tpolecat ( but now it fails on my twirl templates.

> inspect subs/compile:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info] Task: scala.collection.Seq[java.lang.String]
[info] Description:
[info]     Options for the Scala compiler.
[info] Provided by:
[info]     {file:/Users/davidfrancoeur/workspace/subs/}subs/compile:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info] Defined at:
[info]     /Users/davidfrancoeur/workspace/subs/build.sbt:10
[info] Delegates:
[info]     compile:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info]     compile:scalacOptions
[info]     *:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info]     *:scalacOptions
[info]     {.}/compile:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info]     {.}/compile:scalacOptions
[info]     {.}/*:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info]     {.}/*:scalacOptions
[info]     */compile:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info]     */compile:scalacOptions
[info]     */*:twirlCompileTemplates::scalacOptions
[info]     */*:scalacOptions
[info] Related:
[info]     compile:ensimeCompileOnly::scalacOptions
[info]     compile:scalacOptions
[info]     compile:twirlSourceEncoding::scalacOptions
[info]     *:scalacOptions
[info]     */*:scalacOptions
[info]     test:scalacOptions
[info]     test:ensimeCompileOnly::scalacOptions

I tried to override the options only for the twirlCompileTemplates task with this:

scalacOptions ++= ScalacOptions.All // all options
scalacOptions in (Compile, TwirlKeys.sourceEncoding) ~= (_ filterNot (_ == "-Ywarn-unused:imports"))
scalacOptions in (Compile, TwirlKeys.compileTemplates) ~= (_ filterNot (_ == "-Ywarn-unused:imports"))

When I show the settings for both sourceEncoding and compileTemplates, I see that the unused scalac setting is removed, but running compile still fails.

Rob Norris
Sep 09 17:02
Getting the scoping right is an exercise in trying shit at random so you might try that. Maybe Twirl by itself, or twirl.
David Francoeur
Sep 09 17:09
quickly do you know a way I can ask sbt for more information regarding the failure when I run compile
maybe explicitly what is the 'subtask' that fails so I know which scalacOptions to override
Guillaume Martres
Sep 09 20:52
When you run compile it should tell you what task failed exactly, e.g. [error] (foo/compile:compileIncremental) Compilation failed near the end
You can also type last to get the debug logs of the compile task, but that probably won't help you
Torsten Schmits
Sep 09 23:17
is there a way to inject a Project into the current state from within a command?