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Sep 2017
Christopher Hunt
Sep 21 2017 02:11
Howdy from the other side!
Anyone understand why the following wouldn't work i.e. exclude the dependencies listed?
  lazy val akkaContribExtra = ("com.typesafe.akka" %% "akka-contrib-extra" % "4.1.3-SNAPSHOT")
    .exclude("com.typesafe.akka", "akka-cluster")
    .exclude("com.typesafe.akka", "akka-distributed-data")
    .exclude("com.typesafe.akka", "akka-http")
dependency-tree still shows them.
Alessandro Vermeulen
Sep 21 2017 10:02
when running sbt +my-api/test I only see the tests happening for my main scala version and not the cross list. With the + I do see messages setting the main scala version and then re-applying settings, which I don’t see when I leave out the +. This implies that the + is doing something
Sep 21 2017 10:33
Hi, how can I trace the source of a jar (plugins) in Play project? I have two versions of a jar and I do not know how to fix this? I am trying to use scala.js (addSbtPlugin("org.scala-js" % "sbt-scalajs" % "0.6.18")) and I have 2 versions of Google Closure jars
Alessandro Vermeulen
Sep 21 2017 11:08
@spockz Apparently I didn’t have the cross version setting in that project
Allan Renucci
Sep 21 2017 11:23

Just switched to sbt 1.0.2 and ~compile is looping forever. It's not waiting for me to change a file.

cc/ @Duhemm

Dale Wijnand
Sep 21 2017 13:28
@huntc Does dependency-tree typically show excluded dependencies?
@allanrenucci sbt/sbt#3501
@ajayrivendell_twitter You can use sbt-dependency-graph in the meta-build. For example reload plugins and show dependency-tree
Dale Wijnand
Sep 21 2017 13:33
@spockz I typically set crossScalaVersions in ThisBuild scope
@tpolecat Java never shipped (afaik) proper FS watching in macOS..
oh I see you've seen sbt/sbt#3527
@tpolecat that pomExtra stuff was done years ago, but was never announced..
Alessandro Vermeulen
Sep 21 2017 13:59
@tpolecat @dwijnand I don’t think there is one for oracle, but there are aftermarket ones I believe
@dwijnand good idea to set those common settings in ThisBuild indeed
Dale Wijnand
Sep 21 2017 14:00
Yeah, I've thrown #3527 into the 1.1.0 milestone. Hopefully we'll be able to spend time on it.
Sep 21 2017 17:09
thanks @dwijnand, that worked!
Rob Norris
Sep 21 2017 17:13