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Aug 2016
Niklas Klein
Aug 02 2016 12:49
@pfn I used to give my xml views long, globally unique ids. With the new TypedViewHolder it's somewhat tempting to use shorter ids that are only unique within the layout. But that does apparently trouble the TR.some_id generation when the same id is applied to different types. This only yields a couple warnings and doesn't break anything, but what are your thoughts about that? Can I disable the TR.some_id generation?
Aug 02 2016 14:24
@Taig, disabling it isn't supported at the moment, and I don't think it would break anything if it did get disabled
@Taig, would you mind writing a pr to do this? call. the setting typedResourcesIds maybe and default to true
Niklas Klein
Aug 02 2016 16:43
Alright, I'll take a look later this week