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Dec 2017
Chenai Nakam
Dec 30 2017 11:22
how to set android.enableD8=true
i got default or static interface method used without --min-sdk-version >= 24
Dec 30 2017 12:28
There's no d8 support at the moment, you can set minSdkVersion using dexAdditionalParams
Chenai Nakam
Dec 30 2017 12:35
ok, thx.
Dec 30 2017 13:46
hi, im noob and tried quickstart, but sbt.librarymanagement.ResolveException: unresolved dependency: org.scala-android#sbt-android;1.7.6: not found
nor 1.7.7, nor anything
anyone can help?
Dec 30 2017 14:13
ok sbt v 1 is not supported, right?
Dec 30 2017 14:32
something ins working, yay. a mad red android is waving to me huuray
laurent bernabé
Dec 30 2017 23:03
Hi ! I've added a with signing configuration and run android:package-release but still got an unsigned version : what step could I have missed ?