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May 2018
Martynas Mickevičius
May 22 2018 06:12
Thats unfortunate. :/ I remember that dexer is finally ably to go through scala 2.12 code. But that is for only latest API versions. Desugar would help for older Android APIs?
Matvey Malkov
May 22 2018 08:43
Hey guys! I was wondering about APK split functionality in sbt-android but cannot find it. How you are managing it?
Matvey Malkov
May 22 2018 09:24
So far I found solution with flavors, but I want to build it together
Rafal Wachol
May 22 2018 15:09
Long time no see everyone
Niklas Klein
May 22 2018 15:44
Alex Reisberg
May 22 2018 16:44
May 22 2018 17:18
@2m yeah, the dexer can, but it's restricted to android 7.0 or newer probably
@malkov-matvey, I don't know anything about apk splits, so sbt-android doesn't support it innately
May 22 2018 17:30
and :wave:
android 7.0 requirement isn't absolutely bad, that's fair
I think it has a pretty decent market share now