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Jun 2016
Rhys Keepence
Jun 01 2016 12:31
We are looking for a contract developer to join our team in London (city). We're really interested in a front end/ux developer who would be keen to learn scala, but we'd also like to chat with scala developers who are interested in front end work. The tech is scalajs-react on the front end and http4s/doobie for the backend. We also cross compile some shared stuff - our domain model, validation code and argonaut codecs. Caveats are: it's a bank, and we predominantly work onsite so we can't hire remotely, sorry.
Armin Keyvanloo
Jun 01 2016 13:12
This message was deleted
Armin Keyvanloo
Jun 01 2016 13:18
@rhyskeepence I am interested and London based but only available from August. Does that work for you?
Anton Kulaga
Jun 01 2016 13:24
@rhyskeepence I am also interested, but not earlier then September
Stewart Stewart
Jun 01 2016 18:46
I can't wait until the day when all tech companies are happy with remote work. It makes hiring and job searching sooo much easier, especially with more bleeding-edge technologies.
Otto Chrons
Jun 01 2016 18:56
would love to do some remote work for NSA :wink2:
Rhys Keepence
Jun 01 2016 20:49
@antonkulaga @arminio we're not in any hurry to hire, so it's probably worth sending me your cv and availability, and we can have a chat :)