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Oct 2016
Marius B. Kotsbak
Oct 27 2016 15:45
Gwt could be used just as sjs, but the support for eg react I think is much worse. It is not required to use the ui kit in Gwt. But it is quite verbose and require xml config. Not sure if it supports closures either.
Anton Kulaga
Oct 27 2016 16:58
I am going to work for one company that wants to develop a venture platform for longevity industry. The stack and the programmers team is not defined yet, probably it will take several month before the development itself will start. I think if we can try to go with Scala/ScalaJS stack. The main risk factor there is that for other languages we can just hire already existing teams of programmers (3-5 persons for beginning with doubling the team in 5 months if second round of funding will be received) that know how to work with each other (in our case what matters is speed), while for Scala/ScalaJS such team must be formed from scratch...