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22 Rooms 10344 People
  • scala

    A relaxed chat room about all things Scala. Beginner questions welcome. http://scala-lang.org/conduct/ applies
    6760 People
  • center

    discussion of Scala Center (https://scala.epfl.ch) activities such as courses, projects, community coordination. please use scala/scala for general Scala questions. http://scala-lang.org/conduct/ applies
    910 People
  • job-board

    for Scala job postings and Scala job seekers. (Limit repeats to monthly, please.)
    883 People
  • contributors

    discuss Scala internals and open source work with contributors. http://scala-lang.org/conduct/ applies
    567 People
  • fr

    Salon pour discuter de Scala en français.
    163 People
  • slip

    THIS ROOM IS NOW CLOSED. use scala/contributors, scala/center, and http://contributors.scala-lang.org
    142 People
  • scala-india

    121 People
  • cn

    List("澳門繁體", "大陆简体", "马新简体", "台灣正體", "香港繁體", "中文")
    116 People
  • pickling

    Fast, customizable, boilerplate-free pickling support for Scala
    91 People
  • collection-strawman

    88 People
  • tooling-contrib

    Discussion for Scala tooling contributors.
    87 People
  • es

    Un espacio para que las personas hablen de Scala en español. Si prefieres Slack, únete a https://scalaes.slack.com/.
    81 People
  • moocs

    about the Scala courses offered by the Scala Center via Coursera. http://scala-lang.org/conduct/ applies
    77 People
  • scala-xml

    The standard Scala XML library. http://scala-lang.org/conduct/ applies
    69 People
  • community-builds

    discuss the Scala community build with maintainers and library authors. http://scala-lang.org/conduct/ applies
    45 People