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Repo info
    Kazuhiro Sera
    @/all to GitHub admin users, would you help me?? scalate/scalate#86
    Ross A. Baker
    I think I do. I can check in about an hour.
    Kazuhiro Sera
    thanks :bow:
    Ross A. Baker
    @seratch Do you have all the access you need now?
    There, you should be a full admin now.
    Kazuhiro Sera
    @rossabaker Thanks again!
    Ross A. Baker
    Thanks for the improvements!
    Kazuhiro Sera
    I'd like to drop OSGi support this time. Please let me know if you have any concerns on it. scalate/scalate#90
    Ross A. Baker
    I forgot it even had it.
    Dan Natic
    Good morning everyone. We are huge fans and users of Scalate. We are in the process of upgrading from Scala 2.9.2 . We noticed that Scalate advertises continued support of Scala 2.10, but all of the SBT files are compiling with Java 1.8. Scala 2.10 cannot run within Java 8. Is there a mistake? Has 2.10 support been dropped?
    Kazuhiro Sera
    scala 2.10 works on Java 8. We built the latest version on Java 8 to make cross build for 2.10 - 2.12 (2.12 works on Java 8+)
    Hello everyone, I want to know if it is possible to access to object attributes with Jade. I get data like this : -@ val projectList : List[Imports.DBObject] and I do my loop like this : - for(i <- 0 to projectList.length - 1) {
    p= projectList.get(i)
    • }
      I can't access to each attribute in the loop. Thanks
    Sandon Jacobs
    anyone know why the link to the scalate tool is not working? http://scalate.github.io/scalate/documentation/installing.html
    if I clone the repo, I can sbt run the scalate-tool project, but cannot even do java -jar on the built artifact...
    Andrew Gaydenko
    Hi! Official documentation (Getting Started) refers to the ref http://scalate.github.io/scalate/documentation/installing.html resulting in 404. So, how to get Scalate tool?
    Samuel Boczek
    Hi is anyone in here?
    I've add scalatra dependecy to my project and now I want to know how to compile my .pug template.
    number substitution results in formatting (1,024) which is causing issues in my further processing. Any clues if there is a way to avoid such formatting in mustache files?
    Tobias Pfeiffer
    Hi, I would like to create an sbt task that converts a Jade template to an HTML file given certain parameters. How would I do this? I see that "compile" in sbt will create scalate_$name_jade.class in my target folder, so how can I use this to actually create an HTML file?
    There used to be a sitegen project, but I cannot find out how that works (also a lot of packages seem to have disappeared from the web).
    Sundara Mohan M
    is there a alternate or update for this project https://github.com/backchatio/xsbt-scalate-generate
    Kazuhiro Sera
    Sundara Mohan M
    @seratch Thanks!
    Zoltán Nagy
    hey folks! does anyone have recent experience with precompiling templates using Gradle? I'm currently using SBT in my project with https://github.com/scalate/sbt-scalate-precompiler, but have a strong preference for Gradle over SBT. So far I found https://github.com/ryo-murai/gradle-scalate-plugin with no activity in the last four years, and nothing else
    Zoltán Nagy
    hwell, in case you're interested, I've hacked on ^ until it started working with Gradle 4.0 and Scalate 1.8.0: https://github.com/abesto/gradle-scalate-plugin
    Randall Harmon
    I'm using TemplateEngine in embedded style and having problems with render("otherTemplate.ssp", Map(...)) - error: not found: value render - I worked around by direct access to the render context - $scalate$_context.render(...) :/ Anyone have experience doing such things?
    Touzi Zakariyae
    Hello everyone
    I have a mail templates stored in DB, can use Scalate to bind values to the template after getting it from the database and assign it to a String val ?
    philip andrew
    If I have a template which changes frequently, is that a problem? Do scalate templates always compile to JVM class code? Or can they just be interpreted?
    Justin Permar
    as far as i can tell, scala 2.12 support was added to scalate after the last release. are there plans for a new release?
    Justin Permar
    what's the status of the maven-scalate-plugin? i see versions on maven central for up to 2.11 (no 2.12).
    Hi everybody! I'm trying to get a .war running in tomcat using scalate to read a template, but it can't find it. do i need to configure the template path? where does it look by default?
    Andres Blanco
    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue since we moved to scalate_core_2.12, we're getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/reflect/internal/util/Statistics when processing a template. Any ideas?
    Mihai Soloi
    hi is this chat maintained?
    I see a lot of questions and no answers so I guess not
    ✨Ben Hamill✨
    @seratch Hoping you'll see this: I'm using Scalate with Finagle and the reloading of templates doesn't seem to be working. I have to restart my server every time I make a change to see the result. I have allowReload set to true and allowCaching set to false on my engine, which the documentation makes me think should be sufficient, but I'm not sure what I might be missing.
    ✨Ben Hamill✨
    I discovered it's because Scalate is watching for changes to files in my build directory, rather than where they live in source. The documentation makes me think that Scalate will try to rebuild stuff for me, but I have no idea how to tell it to do that and couldn't find it quickly in the source code.
    Hi, I use scalate for mustache parsing. I used before java mustache parser, and it has method execute, which take Any scope and use it after for push it in template. Have Scalate something like in javaparser?
    Tanin Na Nakorn
    From val output = engine.layout("/foo/bar.scaml", Map("name" -> ("Hiram", "Chirino"), "city" -> "Tampa")), can I access name using <%=name%>?
    Hi, can someone help me out in precompiling scalate ssp templates ?
    Matt Oliver
    Has anybody successfully fatjar'd a project with scalate as a dependency?
    Running into a very nondescript org.fusesource.scalate.TemplateException
    No message attached
    Crawling through the source, its happening somewhere in compileAndLoad
    There is an issue or two within the github issues that point to potential scala library mismatch/misversion issues
    For context, I'm trying to create a compiler plugin and use Scalate for some output, however I think I might need to do some classpath magic and include it's jar instead of fatjaring it in
    Hello is there any way to limit ssp from importing anything rather then attributes? I want users to be able to edit templates so i need this restrictions. Mustache doesn't really fit my needs.
    Basavaraj Kalloli
    Hello we have a very weird bug while compiling mustache templates with scalate. The below fragment only compiles if there is space before {description}. This seems like a very weird bug, the moment I remove the space it starts failing, is this known? Is there an obvious setting that we might have missed?
    <textarea name="description" id="descriptionInput" required="required" class="c-input-group__textinput" rows="4">  {{description}}</textarea>
    Sławek Kacprzykowski
    What about scala.js version?