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Aug 2017
Stephen Marsh
Aug 13 2017 20:05
hi - fadecandy is amazing thanks micah for making it. :)
Stephen Marsh
Aug 13 2017 20:17

i've been using the fadecandy to play video onto LEDs, but im wondering if anyone can tell me how to improve my workflow/process?
currently this is what I'm doing, and i'm wondering if there is a better or more straightforward way:

  • take a short HD video then convert every frame to PNG at a resolution of 5px by 37px (the same dimensions as my matrix of LEDs, 5 rows 37 LEDs tall)
  • using a ruby library, convert every PNG to RGB values and save them in a huge yml file. so now literally every pixel of every frame is saved as 3 integers
  • to play on fadecandy: load the huge yml file into ruby memory and send each frame of RGBs over OPC in a loop function

this works but it feels like i could be doing something better?