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Aug 2017
Micah Elizabeth Scott
Aug 14 2017 00:37
someone thought this would be funny...
Screenshot 2017-08-13 17.37.07.png
meanwhile I'm wishing there was actually a build-time dependency crate that wraps npm
ohai, wrong channel
@stephenhmarsh there are a lot of ways to do that, depending on what tools are familiar to you. It may be worth using a lower resolution video file rather than the yaml
Aug 14 2017 01:57
Wouldn't this work like you're saying with a low res file like your saying in Processing? @stephhmarsh check out The Coding Train on YouTube. He has a lot of good how to videos on Processing. Use the OPC library you can find in the fadecandy repo on github and use ledStrip or one of the grid functions to configure your LEDs through Processing.