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Sep 2015
Anthony Scemama
Sep 29 2015 07:48
In normal situations, you shouldn't force a provider to recalculate a value. Let the IRPF90 calculate it when it should be calculated !
But, if you really need it, the keyword PROVIDE forces an entity to be provided at some point in the code (it will not be recalculated if it is not required).
Anthony Scemama
Sep 29 2015 07:54
However, if you change x and mmax depends on x, if you TOUCH x, then mmax will be recomputed if needed.
Think like in a Makefile : if you need to force to recompile a file by hand, it means something is going wrong in your makefile.
Anthony Scemama
Sep 29 2015 09:36
Last point could be for measuring performance or debugging. In that case, you can use call bld_mmax.
Maximilien Levesque
Sep 29 2015 14:15
@TApplencourt I tested your proposition and it does not "work as I expected". Anyway, thanks for your answer.
@scemama Thanks. For now, mmax provider is just a read mmax from stdin. I wanted to force foo to read again from stdin but I can now convince myself that's not IRP style, is it ? :)
This is nevertheless tricky since mmax is a function of stdin and IRPF90 cannot infer if this has changed or not ... mmmm I have to think.