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Nov 2015
Nov 23 2015 00:49
Part of this comes down from having a logo to brand us, I just created this quickly, what do you think? I envisage the logo appearing on the scribus' dark blue, so I included it here, though not actually part of the logo...
Nov 23 2015 12:00
this is a cool idea
@aoloe what do you think ?
Garry Patchett Yesterday 8:04 AM
Hi +Scribus. I don't have any problems with someone migrating my tutorials to another Scribus site. (Anke Lange has already converted some of them to German for .) I don't have any licensing requirements different to those for the existing wiki pages (e.g. Attribution-ShareAlike). Good luck to whoever has to convert all of the templates I created for the tutorials (e.g. Callout/Infobox/MenuString/etc.).
that's GarryP giving permission for us to migrate his tutorials to new tutorial site
Nov 23 2015 19:27
Does he give us permission to replace the previous license with the cc license?