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Nov 2015
ale rimoldi
Nov 25 2015 07:36
yes, the theme is nothing very fancy.
there are several different UIs around, and they differ very much from each other. so i prefer to create my screenshots with a theme that is somehow an average... and the people can concentrate on the content of the dialog :-)
ale rimoldi
Nov 25 2015 07:43
concerning the logo:
  • imo it does not scale well: too much text and too tiny
  • i would not use the term "open source" in there... it's opinionated term is not very relevant to the work of the community itself (it's more a characteristic of the software than of the community)
  • i've never understood what DTP has to do with a pen so i would not keep that part of the scribus logo ... ok, if scribus is "pen source", then i can accept it :-))))
    as said above, it's very pleasant to look at, but i seem to have some issues with its content...