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Nov 2015
Nov 27 2015 12:27
@OceanWolf As far as I'm concerned, when I put stuff on the Scribus wiki it then becomes owned by the Scribus community. The license can be changed to whatever is necessary/appropriate.
Nov 27 2015 12:32
@aoloe Which images and resources do you have a concern about? I should be able to easily re-check the licenses. As far as I know, all of the stuff that I've used in the tutorials are compatible with Creative Commons CC0 with no attribution required. It shouldn't be too difficult for me to go back and check if you can point me to specifics.
Nov 27 2015 19:08
hey @GarryPatchett ! thanks for your response :+1:
@GarryPatchett I'd love it if we could brainstorm together about a cool idea to make in Scribus. Something to help with Haterz on Social media. In the past and up to till now, I just send haters and trolls to your g+ page so they can see what is possible in Scribus. What I'd really love is if we could make some sort of 'Haters are gonna Hate' project Scribus style that I can shoot off to them
Nov 27 2015 19:24
You're welcome @luzpaz (and thanks for the invite). I didn't realise that Scribus had a problem with trolls and similar. What sort of thing did you have in mind?