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Dec 2015
Dec 01 2015 00:33
Improving the framework for subdirectories, how should we do this?
*how should I do this?
Dec 01 2015 00:48
  1. Add the full file extensions to the contents file and assume it from that.
  2. Add a flag to the contents file
  3. Go through a list of possible ways to open the content until one works.
Dec 01 2015 13:30
what's the most scalable approach (just thinking about hundreds of tutorials)
@GarryPatchett re: haters maybe a movie poster of the big lebowski saying, well, you know
"Well, you know, like, that's your opinion"
and then like really sleek bowling strike graphic that says 'Made with Scribus'
Dec 01 2015 15:45
Number 1 follows the simplest approach for the code; number 2 more complicated, I want to do something there to allow for tutorial previews, but as I say it adds a syntax to the contents file and thus complexity; number 3 perhaps simplest for the user, but also slow, and could lead to complications in the future with lots of different names appearing.