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now it works. thank you.
Sindre Aarsaether
Amateur hour here :P Had some let's encrypt issues.
Eric Vida
Are alert() disabled on scrimba/Imba project, or is there bug, or is it a different syntax?
Rodrigo Vieira
I was able to use alert() on scrimbla without any issue. Which browser are you using?
Does anyone have any idea on "ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined" error ?

function* generatorForLoop(num) {
    for (let i = 0; i < num; i += 1) {
        yield console.log(i);

const genForLoop = generatorForLoop(5);
console.log(genForLoop) // ??
Does scrimba have a plan to support REPL in future?
kelly carpenter
hello! i'm a noob to coding. just finished taking classes recently and working on one of the first sites for my portfolio. having some trouble getting my contact form request page working. need help finding the problem. any advice welcome. thanks!
Per Harald Borgen
@jejuro Not in our plans at the moment unfortunately.
@djredape_twitter I’d recommend Stack Overflow or the /learnjavascript subreddit. Those are dedicated to your kind of request.
@iamtirado @rodriigovieira The alert() won’t be recorded by the Scrimba DOM-recorder though, so it won’t appear in the screencast if you use it.
I suspect it's a bit of a long-shot, but is there any plan to support YouTube-style annotations? If not, can I make a feature request? :D
Erik Lundin
I started using Scrimba a few days ago, but I see an entry in "Notes" created by another user, the note is over a month old. That's a bug right? I can create an issue, just wanted to double check first.
Vaibhav Sharma
hello all! today i use Scrimba for the first time and i'm in love with it.It make learning through video so easy with its awesome features. Thank @perborgen for such a great efforts.
mohammad ameer
hello how can i append courses that i have made in scrimba to another site
like in freecodecamp i can see the courses
Hello, Could you please create a course for react-redux.
Jocelin Queau
Could a filter for filtering the staff pick by language be an option ?
I’m having trouble with the course Building a chat app with React.js and Chatkit. Specially, lesson 6: connecting to Chatkit. My text doesn't appear in the console. Another user has posted this lesson doesn’t work after Chatkit update. I’m stuck on this step, please help
Johan Kohlin
Are you able to use web workers in Scrimba? I can't seem to get a respond from it? https://scrimba.com/c/caP9wrHv
Per Harald Borgen
I don’t think that’ll work unforunately @Magistern
@webguypro Yes, it seems to be that Chatkit has changed their API since the course was created. I’ll look into it.
@mohammadameer we only allow embedding for certain partners, like freeCodeCamp, but feel free to send us an email if you’re interested in embedding.
Hi, I would like to know if you have any plan on making Scrimba also available for Node.js (backend) ?
Hello, I want to record a tutorial at scrimba. But I always get permission denied error. Can you explain to me why ?
Per Harald Borgen
Hmm.. can you share a screenshot @Vocaoson ?
Unfortunately not @abernierb
Not at the moment at least
But our new product Gitspeak.com will allow you to create casts on any language, though not with the same “run the code in the browser” option
"Permission message" displays when I click "CONFIRM"
Per Harald Borgen
@Vocaoson Are you using Chrome? If not, could you try that?
I'm using Chrome, what's wrong ? I have seen this problem for several months
Will Scrimba remain free? Or are there plans to switch it over to a subscription based web app?
Per Harald Borgen
Really sorry about that @Vocaoson , I haven’t managed to reproduce it myself, but I’ll look closer into it.
@MikeGrilli For the near future at least, Scrimba will remain free.
What are the different elements between React jsx and HTML ?
Arsala Bangash
Hi everyone! I'd like to share a few concerns:
  • Making a vuetify course will be very difficult without support for single file components.
  • https://scrimba.com/c/cR3bRbCV FreeCodeCamp's date picker is not showing up. I was made aware of this issue being present with selects but I was wondering if this is a quick fix or something that would require a significant restructure.
  • My package.json files are not being imported into playgrounds.
Alexander Nikitin
Hi everyone! How to enable emmet support?
Per Harald Borgen
We unfotrunately don’t support Emmet.
Arsala Bangash
Hey everyone, wondering if anyone else is running into the following issue:
  • You record some audio
  • You record over some of the end of the previous audio
  • Your entire previous audio file is over-written
Bofei Wang
Love Scrimba !
I am starting the vue.js tutorial at https://scrimba.com/g/glearnvue . Author didn't specify the development environment I should be using. Is it Visual Studio code?
Per Harald Borgen
@Iamsotiredofth_twitter the point is that you don’t need to set up something on the side as you can interact with the screencasts directly :)
ok I am getting used to it. I am just used to something different. I see the example and I reproduce it which helps learning the syntax and such. But this is really cool though and I will give it a shot.
I want a Participation trophy
Which version of Angular does Dan Wahlin's course on Scrimba cover. I just want to make sure it is at least Angular 2 or beyond, since Angular changed so much from its 1.x versions.
Per Harald Borgen
He uses Angular 5
Arsala Bangash
It looks like the site's HTTPS certificate may have expired.
Arsala Bangash
Oops nvm it looks like it's back up again