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Alexander Alemayhu
Cool playground! The issue is likely the recorder not being able to keep up with the number of DOM events from the animations.
Eric Vida
What is the possibility of making it so that you could open a scrimbacast preview window on a separate tab with a link? That would be great. I could have the editor in one place, and the preview anywhere I want.
Sindre Aarsaether
That should be possible - but not something we have planned yet
can someone explain to me how they made this magic intractable video
i want to learn how i can make such great things i
Max Wilson
Hi, I recently signed up for Scrimba's course on responsive CSS and I'm loving it (Kevin Powell is terrific BTW). I'm intrigued by what I'm hearing about Scrimba capturing events instead of video, aiming to make it easy to author videos, and the interest in expanding into other problem spaces. What kinds of requirements does Scrimba have for languages? Is it limited to JavaScript/CSS/etc., or could it hypothetically work for other languages that transpile to JavaScript like F#? (There is already a version of the F#-to-Javascript compiler that runs in the browser.) I'm not asking for a commitment, and I'm not at this point promising to do the work : ), but I'm curious what the architecture allows.
It's a fantastically innovative learning technology BTW, thank you for creating it--this way of learning is light years beyond Youtube or LinkedIn videos.
Chris Richardson
I'm getting the "something went wrong" notice too and I haven't changed much at all. Is there a solution to this?
How can I start freelancing having a basic knowledge of HTML&CSS?
Faizan Haider
Hello, Kindly someone please send me the beginners pdf file of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. I am new in the lobby learning new skill.
Jenis Rai
@perborgen Hi! First of all thanks for bringing such an amazing platform for learning code but I think there are still some issues. I can't really scroll the preview of the code in scrimba. It would be better if there's a discussion section under every lecture. For me, content is more important than the platform. I love VS code rather than Scrimba's online editor so it would be better if there's a downloadable starter file or resources.
Codester lalit
Hey! guys, I am new this group. I recently checked out scrimba & I am amazed. I would love to discuss about this amazing tech.
This is the only website that i love so much ....please keep it up ...i love you guys
And please i need a mentor..am still a beginner that will direct me ...thank you
Daniel Tesfamariam
hi there, I am having problem with scrimba tracker... it says it stopped working and is not rendering,
I am also getting the "SOMETHING WENT WRONG" notification. Is there a way to solve it?
Hi everyone. I was trying to make a Practice.js file on a React project on Scrimba to play with the code a bit before applying it to the challenge, but my Prictice.js file doesn't seem to work. It doesn't even console.log("hello")
Hi! I'm here working with the "Notes App" and I have an error. It says that something went wrong and that I have Excessive amount of events. I'm going to paste here the URL where I have the problem. I hope this helps. Thanks in advance. Regards :) "https://scrimba.com/learn/learnreact/notes-app-bump-recent-note-to-the-top-co3094396ae8a6fba32c9d71c"
Now it works again!!!
Sorry. It doesn't work again. Any clue? Thanks in advance. Regards :)
Hi. I have an account in Discord, but I cannot join Discord
Hi guys, I'm getting the "something went wrong" notice when I copy-paste my projects from my local VS code. It works there but not on Scrimba editor. How can I fix this?
Anthony Fox
2 replies
Hi team, the same thing here...
Would appreciate your help
Wes Vinson
getting this error on Pokedex in Module 10:
Something went wrong in a pink box
excessive amount of events originating from page
doesn't make sense
Adam Abakar Hassan
Hey! guys, I am new this group also I jsut found out this community lobby I would to discuss about frontend in this community.