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Jun 2015
Sergei Vorobev
Jun 01 2015 17:40 UTC
What are the relations between scriptcs-fsharp and .fsx files ? It doesn't look the same (it was back in 2008, when there was no scriptcs as far as I know). But it looks similar. Can anybody clarify, please?
Ryan Riley
Jun 01 2015 19:08 UTC
@vors scriptcs-fsharp does not at present have REPL support, but the general idea is that you could take advantage of scriptcs's nuget support (automatically adding references) and ScriptPack support.
.fsx files are designed to run with F# Interactive (fsi.exe). FSharp.Compiler.Service drives scriptcs-fsharp. It's derived from the original compiler source, and the F# community is trying to re-introduce FCS as the core behind fsc.exe and fsi.exe.
Sergei Vorobev
Jun 01 2015 20:13 UTC
Should I be able to run .fsx files via scriptcs-fsharp? Vice verse?
Is the difference only in scriptcs nuget support?