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Nov 2015
bit bonk
Nov 25 2015 12:24
@all What is the state of debugging with ScriptCS? I would like to integrate scriptcs into a custom IDE using AvalonEdit (an adavanced texteditor control for WPF), would I be able to implement debugging right inside that IDE? Set breakpoints, attach, evaluate local values?
Kristian Hellang
Nov 25 2015 12:25
no idea
I started down that track once;
didn't get far :(
found out most of Roslyn's completion APIs were internal, did some reflection magic to call them
it was ugly
anyway... debugger - I have no clue. I don't know enough low level CLR to even understand how the debugger works
as far as I'm concerned, it's all just black magic ;)
bit bonk
Nov 25 2015 12:29
well we are not building a scripting IDE, we are building an IDE for something completetly different and it should get scripting support i.e. c# scripting