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Apr 2016
Glenn Block
Apr 22 2016 04:31
Hi. Another difference is scriptcs has deep integration with NuGet packages, scriptcs introduces
script packs which remove a lot of the monotony of working with libraries from C# script, like they remove using statements and handle a lot of boiler plate code.
Scriptcs itself is extensible, you can create modules which alter how the runtime behaves, or add your own processors which parse and inject code at compile time
You can create your own custom REPL commands
You can reuse scriptcs by publishing them as NuGet packages
The fact that it is C# is s huge attractor though as it allows C# devs to leverage what they already know
Glenn Block
Apr 22 2016 04:51
Sent you guys all slack invites
It doesn't look like it will be good for the public though as each person has to be invited?
I am wondering if that is what the free version allows now. I looked at the pricing and it is like $8 a month for each daily user ie about $50 a month for us if we upgrade
If we pay for daily use then it seems like we can have open rooms