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Oct 2015
Andrew Newell
Oct 23 2015 01:47
I'll check that out
Andrew Newell
Oct 23 2015 02:05
You might consider writing up some install instructions ;p Then again, you did just start it, so I won't give you that hard of a time
Oct 23 2015 03:25
lol, sorry, dockers don't really need install instructions usually, they just run :)
i mean, i started it from the command line 'docker run -i -t -p 3100:3000 --name Plex-Board gostlund/plex-board' because I already have something on port 3000
Andrew Newell
Oct 23 2015 03:34
Yeah that's true as that's kind of point of a container I suppose. I am more familiar with vmware esxi for my virtualization needs