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Jan 2016
Andrew Newell
Jan 26 2016 00:27
How's your pornography career going @gostlund? Are those cables behaving themselves? :laughing:
and of course I got distracted this week with another mini project, working with ThinStation, was trying to poke at OpenThinClient, but lack of english documentation has made that far too awkward =/
Andrew Newell
Jan 26 2016 15:01
Ahh nice, I've posted a to that sub before... Or was it r/cablefail.... Looks like you'll need to learn German for that project haha
Jan 26 2016 15:58
Yeah, OTC looks very nice, but yeah, they're several years in and the english documentation is still basically non existant? I'm gonna have to pass... ThinStation almost works perfect for my needs, I'm just having issues with these ancient thin clients with old VIA processors that don't have some instruction sets that are in the default kernel, so I'm gonna have to just build a custom one to go with the project
Andrew Newell
Jan 26 2016 16:14
Ew. No thanks, lol. That sounds like a rabbit hole to me.