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Jul 2017
Marco Vermeulen
Jul 06 2017 21:04
@cy6erGn0m I've had a play around this evening and manage to roll out a fix for you: in future when running the default target, you should run it as follows:
mvn -e io.sdkman:sdkman-maven-plugin:1.1-SNAPSHOT:default -Dsdkman.consumer.key=my_key -Dsdkman.consumer.token=my_token -Dsdkman.candidate=kotlin -Dsdkman.version="1.1.3-2"
Notice that you will now be passing -Dsdkman.version instead of -Dsdkman.default.
You will need to pull down the latest source of this plugin from github if you're building it from source yourself. Let me know if this fixes it for you.
@vietj the same goes for your project