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Hello @GregoryPotdevin est-ce que la feature infinite scroll est dispo ?
how to create a blog UI full of text files or documents or text categories with quick search with searchkit......ex: https://table.branham.org/#/main -- i want a website using searchkit where i want to import huge text files and quickly search for the info.. Please advise....It can be log files, it can be any text files....etc.,
Harry Freeborough
Hi all, I've been trying to fix query params not working for StatefulAccesors nested inside a hit component, and found that the state from query params only propagates through to accessors added in the initial load.
Removing the isInitialLoading() check from https://github.com/searchkit/searchkit/blob/f17c4a09f6c3058190b649fabb18561efb520089/packages/searchkit/src/components/search/hits/src/Hits.tsx#L137 fixes it, but how safe is this to do?
Arif Khan

Hi guys I am pretty new to elasticsearch and react I installed ealsticsearch and when I save the data from backend I save the data tomysql and elasticsearch as well then in react I use searchkitManager to get the data but I am stuck here because I am not able to get the data using searchkitManager
here is a piece of code in react

let apiUrl= 'http://localhost:9200/api/v1' // what link should I pass url to elasticsearch or url to my backend
const searchkit = new SearchkitManager('/', {
  searchUrlPath: `${apiUrl}/search?rest_total_hits_as_int=true`,

Most of the time I will get the error of Error Code 400 or 405
Any kind of help will be appreciated

as for the link should I use something like http://localhost:9200/indexName/' or what is the pattern
Arif Khan
React Frontend: http://localhost:3000/
Golang Backend: http://localhost:3006/api/v1
ElasticSearch: http://localhost:9200/

Any reason to why all the documentation relating to each accessor is missing ?

I urgently need documentation on

  • SortingAccessor
  • QueryAccessor

I wish all searches to return sorted (latest first) based on the date of a field.
I dont want the user to select the sorting order, it has to be sorted by default

How do I do this ?

Fathi Rida
Hi guys, any one can help me please, how can I use operator="AND" with HierarchicalMenuFilter component and thank you in advance
Hi there. Is there any way to use something like Semantic UI, and wrap it in any way. I prefer the look of Semantic UI in terms of the inputs, but would still love to use the SearchkitManager and provider.
Hey, does anyone know how I can have access to the query terms entered in the search box? How can I save them in a variable? I need to click on a button and then open a window with the url MYURL + search?q=linux. I just need to access the query values. Thank you in advance.
@consde I'm not sure this is the best way, but I think you can just write a custom queryBuilder function that does nothing to the query (i.e. returns it as is), just runs some code to save it elsewhere beforehand.
Hey, I am using token to authenticate my request to ES. I want a error event listener, so that when my access token expires I can request a new access token from ES. How to achieve this ?
This has been no help at all. I wish everyone the best of luck.
Jerry Fu
Is there any way to call reloadSearch from a child component? I have a use case where we want the listComponent that we pass into the Hits component to reload the search after an API call is made. Explored using a callback, but it seems there's no way to add to the props passed to listComponent, and it doesn't seem like the searchkitmanager reference is passed into the list component
Jon Hughes
Sorry for what I assume is a very simple question, but where is the data coming from for this demo? http://demo.searchkit.co/taxonomy
Hi, how do I get the loading state of searchkit in a functional component. Because searchkit.loading is only changed once. However, if I want to show a loader indicator on search it doesn't update?
Tristan Hall


I'm experiencing an issue where the URL params are removed when the value of the search input is changed - seems to be happening relatively inconsistently. Is this a known issue and if so is there a planned fix or a known workaround?

Silviu Bogan
Hello! How can I add an "All" option at the beginning of a RefinementListFilter with the operator set to "OR"? I use the listComponent Tabs. Thank you!
Silviu Bogan
My attempt is this but I don't know how to build the object with the key 'All' so that it actually works and persists between page reloads.
const CustomTabs = (props) => {
  const arr = [{ key: 'All' }, ...props.items];

  return <Tabs {...props} items={arr} />;
Silviu Bogan
I solved this issue using the MenuFilter component. Thank you!
Silviu Bogan
Hello, again! How can I remove a single specific filter, like the end user would in the GroupedSelectedFilters component by clicking the X button, but programmatically? I do not know how to change the query. The searchkit.setQueryProcessor does not give me the information about the selected filter and I do not know how to change the query. I think I will try to change the URL, but I think this will not work. Thank you!
Silviu Bogan

This is how I made it work by reloading the page (I know it is very ugly and not well crafted):

const newLoc = window.location.href
  .replace(/type\[\d+\]=[a-zA-Z0-9_]+/g, '')
  .replace(/&&/g, '&')
  .replace(/\?&/g, '?')
  .replace(/[&?]$/, '');
if (newLoc !== window.location.href) {
  window.location.href = newLoc;

If there is a way to make this work without reloading the page, please let me know. Thank you!

I am using setQueryProcessor in next js dynamic routing by after route changed it won't updating filter. Can you help us to refilter?
Silviu Bogan
Hello! I solved my issue as presented here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/64105974/258462. Thank you!
@silviubogan Thanks a lot! It's helped!
Kundan Ray
Can we implement the search input box that could work on logical operator like 'OR', 'AND', 'NOT'?
Silviu Bogan
Hello! If anyone can help me with this, I would be very grateful: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64067150/how-to-use-an-array-index-inside-a-field-name-for-refinementlistfilter Currently I am starting to study the docs and and the source code of SearchKit, and also the concepts of ElasticSearch but this will take some time so if anyone shortens the duration of this task, thank you!
Joona Piirainen
Hi y'all! I have a question! Im trying to figure out hos it would be possible to save the state of the currently selected searchkit filters. This is because I would like to be able to restore the state at some later time?
Riyaz A Shaikh
Hi All, I am new to Searchkit. Just fork it yesterday and started exploring its features. Thanks for the awesome search app. Facing some issue in displaying hitCount. Actual count is not showing instead it shows the "{[hitCount]} results found". Any idea? what is am doing wrong here? or I what I have to do to make it work?
Jason Den
Hi guys. I'm new to elastic-search and search kit. Just want to quickly check whether search kit supports "elastic app search" ( also called enterprise search ). I have search around and cannot find any document relate to this.
the interface SearchkitConfig doesn't accept engine name, only index.
Maek Twain
Hey guys, i have a local ES running with some data in it, and using next as an example to start with , i see the results coming from Graphql is null in my case
Am i missing something ?
type HitFields {
      year: Int
      wiki_link: String
      university: String
      religion: String
      prize_name: String
      photo_url: String
      organization: String
      name: String
      motivation: String
      mother_tongue: String
      length_of_name: String
      last_university: String
      institution: String
      id: String
      gender: String
      field_language: String
      ethinicity: String
      entity_type: String
      education: String
      current_residence: String
      category: String
      birthdate: String
      birth_place: String
      birth_country: String
      age_at_time_of_prize: String
Maek Twain
Using graphql i can return the data and iD but other fields does not come
Joseph McElroy
hi @maektwain @riyaz-programmer - hope you solved your issues. If not, let me know. Im on discord answering questions
Brian Phipps
Hey folks -- I have searchkit setup using apolllo-server to talk to elasticsearch. I need to pass some basic authentication to elasticsearch through apollo-server + searchkit, is that possible? Digging through docs but haven't found anything useful
how can i use the searchkit cli with a data source other than json?

I have access to my data in my nextjs app at the moment, pulled from an obscure database, i have all 18,000 records in an array.

Is there a way to push this data to my ES instance like the cli tool does like it does with the withConfig settings and json data source?

Sanjay Agnani
I can we get the query been executed at elasticSearch end by any method available in searchkit sdk
Is there a way to use the InputFilter as a wildcard search? That it doesn't have to be an exact match?
Kundan Ray
Hi Everyone
I am trying to migrate from elasticsearch to opensearch(AWS). One issue I am facing is that I can not fetch the results above 10000(default limit). To fetch result above 10000, I need to pass a parameter in params something like http://localhost:9200/index/_search?track_total_hits=true
I am not sure, how can I make it workable. Any help would be appreciated.
Richard Bravo
Is there any tutorial to create a Custom Facet with the ui as well ?
I've tried : https://searchkit.co/docs/core/reference/searchkit-sdk/facets/custom
But it's not clear at all.