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    Refactor code coverage static a… (compare)

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    sebastianbergmann on 9.3

    Refactor code coverage static a… (compare)

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    Configure <phpunit cacheResultF… (compare)

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    Leftover from e2b5eeac543b69986… Fix issues identified by Psalm Update Psalm baseline and 5 more (compare)

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    sebastianbergmann on 9.3

    Update Psalm baseline (compare)

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    sebastianbergmann on 9.3

    Leftover from e2b5eeac543b69986… Fix issues identified by Psalm Update Psalm baseline and 3 more (compare)

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Ewout Pieter den Ouden
for those that don't feel confident fiddling around with Test|TestCase|TestSuite|DataProviderTestSuite...
Marco Pivetta
@SenseException Ocramius:chore/annotations-refactoring
Florian Engelhardt
Michel Hartmann
@flow-control seems save to delete them.
Ewout Pieter den Ouden
Sebastian Bergmann
@localheinz ist das einzige Dockerfile, mit dem ich bislang regelmäßig arbeite ;-)
Ewout Pieter den Ouden
@localheinz I've put the power adapter of your laptop is in Stephan's office your hands
Marco Pivetta
@sebastianbergmann sebastianbergmann/phpunit#3836 nao green @_@
Oliver Klee
./tools/psalm --config=.psalm/config.xml

Hi. 8.3.4 -> 8.3.5 broke a whole bunch of tests. I've got this method to create a mock guzzle client which will expect a sequence of requests and return a related sequence of responses.

Works fine in 8.3.4. However, 8.3.5 throws this error:-

PHPUnit\Framework\InvalidParameterGroupException: Parameter group #0 must be an array or Traversable, got object

Oops... missed link to gist with method:-
Line 39 in the error message is line 31 in the gist... The call to ->withConsecutive(... $allRequests)
OK. I figured it out. My request objects needed to be wrapped into an array, but my responses didn't. (Obvious when you think a method can have many args and only 1 return value- :-)
James Van Gelder
Does anyone know how to run unit tests?
Daniel Ruf
phpunit foldername @JamesVG1
Or path.
hey guys, i have a problem with a unit test that seems to have no solution - it involves MockBuilder::enableProxyingToOriginalMethods()
could anyone here help, perhaps?
I was about to write an issue on github, but it suggested to try gitter/stackoverflow first.
Welp, here's the test case for this weird issue:
The reason for calling enableProxyingToOriginalMethods() in the first place is that I'm trying to mock a class whose parent implements magic methods, and I need those to work.
Thomas B

Hi! Recently we updated our php version from 7.0.x to 7.3.9 and I'm struggling to get the Dockerfile to run tests in CI to work without warnings/errors.

I keep seeing the following warnings no matter what I try:

  • Warning: DOMDocument::schemaValidate(): Invalid Schema in /***/***/***/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/Configuration.php on line 945
  • Warning - The configuration file did not pass validation!
    The following problems have been detected:
    Line 0:
    • failed to load external entity "/***/***/***/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit.xsd"
    • Failed to locate the main schema resource at '/***/***/***/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit.xsd'.
      Test results may not be as expected.

It worked fine before using php 7.0.x & phpunit 4.8.26, we now use php 7.3.9 & phpunit 8.3.5.
It also works fine on our own development machines...

Does anyone have an idea what could be going on?

Daniel Ruf
@gevalo1 which PHP extensions are installed and loaded?
Thomas B
@DanielRuf I added both php -i & php -m to this gist:
Leandro Biciato
Hello, i'm getting this exception ReflectionException: Method suite does not exist
Thomas B
@DanielRuf , The issue is that the Jenkins workspace folder contains an encoded / (%2F). This worked previously, I haven't found what exactly changed to cause the issue but it's definitely not related to PHPUnit.
Stuardo Rodriguez

I have a method that accepts a param, like public function foo($param) and I had a test that checked if the param was null or false, expecting an exception.

Now, with new typed PHP I can set my public function foo(MyClass $param) and my test now shows me in my IDE that I'm not sending the right param type.

My question is: should I keep my tests that check for an expected exception for null and false? That will help keep checking in the future to see if by any chance the function changes to public function foo(?MyClass $param)
if so, how can I disable the type validation in my IDE/vscode, for those methods?
OR, if I should get rid of the tests, as it feels I'm testing PHP itself to see if the typed params are working.
Thank you all in advance.
Ewout Pieter den Ouden
goodmorning from Bruxelles and the EU security hackathon
@stuardo_gitlab which also means, somebody is checking on the Gitter chat again ;-)
Stuardo -StR- Rodríguez
Hi @epdenouden , yes... it looks this chat is not that active. Any ideas where to ask for help?
Gytis Šk.
Hello, are there any tools to profile PHPUnit test runs by memory?
It says that it's compatible with PHPUnit ^6, but we have 7.5.*. Can it be made to work with PHPUnit 7 @sebastianbergmann ? Thank You
Hey, Im new in PHPUnit and PHP and I have an error with my simplest test. Can anyone help me please?
Ryein Goddard
when running a test I get this error before any of my test functions run. Warning: Invocation with class name is deprecated
i used --debug and it is before the function names
Nicolas Hohm
@Goddard looks like you are running phpunit with class name of the test class as cli parameter. You can find an example in this end to end test:
Ryein Goddard
@nickel715 haha thanks man
I'm trying to use phpunit in VS2019. Trying to run a simple unit test, I'm getting an error "Could not find type PHPUnit\Util\Printer"
Inside of PhpTestingPrinter-7.0.php I also see undefined references to PHPUnit\Framework\Test
Ryein Goddard
did you install with composer?