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Oct 2014
Tyler Fox
Oct 08 2014 07:23
Good work on the project. But it's probably going to end up that people use this to hardcode values that shouldn't be. For example, using the specific device to conditionalize layout code instead of using the adaptive layout techniques. It would be wise to warn people not to rely on the device type for things like this.
Oct 08 2014 09:13
Adaptive design is not an aswer when you want create a very nice and shine design. And this library does exactly what it should does, help to understand the right version of the device.
Sebastian Dobrincu
Oct 08 2014 10:02

Hi @smileyborg!

The main feature of this library is to target specific iPhone versions. It's true that it can also target different screen sizes, but as @ignazioc said, adaptive layout isn't always the solution for creating an enjoyable user experience. You're somehow right, as i also don't recommend abusing it, but i've personally stumbled upon certain cases where such a tool was needed and i am pretty sure i am not the only one.

Thanks for checking it out :smiley: !