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Repo info
    Josh Pitts
    Josh Pitts
    sup sup
    just another chat room for support... woooo
    lol noice
    nothing much, on vacation atm
    Josh Pitts
    nice. going to BH?
    Casey Smith
    Been out of town, catching up, saw this. See you at BH
    Casey Smith
    Hey @secretsquirrel Hope all is well. Have you ever used BDF to patch .NET assemblies? I'm wondering if I can trigger execution before the .NET CLR framework loads.
    Josh Pitts
    hey @subTee yeah. You can do it.
    got to be admin
    I recently backdoor UAC processes
    there's a book on Managed code rootkits
    it talks about decompiling .net/java assemblies and modifying actual VMs where all the code runs
    really good
    Josh Pitts
    you have to find the right .NET assembly that's loaded at the time you want it loaded
    what dose "you must be root" messeage on git bash? I cannot install...
    Michael Grube
    Sorry if this is too noobish, can anybody explain to me exactly how bdf bypasses code signing on OSX? I'm confused about how signature removal gets past the issue
    mgrube @mgrube is trying to patch kexts but running into challenges
    Surya Poojary
    Landon Mayo
    I see this room hasn't had activity since last year around the time @secretsquirrel announced that the project is no longer being maintained
    but i am hoping to get advise / direction
    Jerry Wiltse
    New version of BACKDOOR FACTORY being developed, to be released July 2021, only to sponsors!