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    hello, i just wonder if the vue project updated to vue3 or still its vue 2 ?
    1 reply
    Did you use typescript for React admin template?
    2 replies
    Bilal Shah
    Is there a text file available that shows the complete file structure for cleanui-admin-template-react-cra. Its not very convenient taking screenshot from the website :)
    2 replies
    Hi, currently we are trying to use cleanui-admin-template-vue-laravel, we're using laravel sanctum as auth provider, currently we succeed to do login, but when we tried to do request it always return unauthenticated. we already add withCredentials: true to axios config but no success, does anyone having similar problem?
    1 reply
    Amin Saighi
    Hello, I need ur help;
    I need to add the clean ui to my project angular
    what's the best way the make it fast ?
    1 reply
    thank you guys
    is there a way to keep entire menu fixed, not just the TopBar?
    Vivek Elayidom
    Hi.. I cannot see ANT components like TreeList with search in the HTML package..
    is this only limited to React?
    Fletrix Dev
    I found there is no sketch file for "Style guide" such as typography
    Hi CleanUI team, I'd like to know if CleanUI support the antd 3x version? I've encountered some style issue with antd 3.26.18 when integrating CleanUI to my project

    Hi, I would like to buy CleanUI as our Website React template, I appreciate if you may kindly answer my questions:

    1) Is there any way that the user can close one widget or draggable that widget (some other templates have it)?

    2) Our company portal has multiple users (one domain) that they paid annually payment for membership, a regular license is enough?

    3) The React Template has RTL (Right to Left) support? or at least do you have any plan to do it later?

    Juan Daniel Sanchez
    When will we have access to the Visual Builder?
    Juan Daniel Sanchez
    @sellpixels-robot When can we start using the Visual Builder?
    Juan Daniel Sanchez
    @sellpixels-robot Any information for the Visual Builder? It should have been out today or yesterday according to the timer
    Juan Daniel Sanchez
    @sellpixels-robot Can I get an update on the Visual Builder? Its been months now that it should have been released? Any info at all???
    Marcelo Ribeiro da Silva
    how do I update all packages declared in the Clean UI package.json file to the latest version including React 17? I tried to run the yarn upgrade command, but an error is thrown when the yarn start command is executed: Cannot read property 'use' of undefined
    Fletrix Dev
    UI teams are sad with not complete things (Sketch) such as typography, colors, widgets symbols. Also, Ant design is not equal to CleanUI at all.
    How can we transfer those styles/ components to Sketch? Is it a JSON file?
    As complete as you described in website: https://vue.cleanui.cloud/?#/ui-kits/antd
    Daniel Vianna
    I'm also interested in the Visual Builder
    it says it was released :)
    Vincent Walker
    Anyone have any news about the Visual Builder ?
    Cristiano Possa
    Hi! Theres any supporter online? I'm having trouble running HTML version inside a Laravel project.
    I am also interested in the visual builder but am wondering if it's a html visual builder? I mean it's not for vue or react right?
    Daniel Vianna
    Hi Where is the visual builder? Can you say something instead of ignoring?
    Hi there! anyone here who could help me?
    about what?
    Hi Zayerz, yesterday I bought "Clean UI Pro Bundle" and unable to configure it. I followed the instructions but I encountered error
    what is the problem?
    @sameemsalik if it's allowSyntheticDefaultImports error, try adding "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true to your tsconfig.json
    Hello I have a question about clean ui pro. The mouse cursor is displayed when the button or all components are clicked. How can I hide it from being seen?
    Hi, I'm havin issues after doing npm install, the app doesn't start

    cleanui-admin-template-react-cra@3.2.1 start /home/jssilva93/WebstormProjects/mercurio
    react-app-rewired start

    Cannot read property 'use' of undefined
    npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
    npm ERR! errno 1
    npm ERR! cleanui-admin-template-react-cra@3.2.1 start: react-app-rewired start
    npm ERR! Exit status 1
    npm ERR!
    npm ERR! Failed at the cleanui-admin-template-react-cra@3.2.1 start script.
    npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.

    1 reply
    Does this theme provides RTL support ?
    Hi guys, on the cleanui admin platform, is the version of vue either 2 or 3?
    Vincent Walker
    Hey ,
    Hello. Is it possible to create a project skeleton based on a template without additional pages and widgets?
    That's not possible yet, it's the seed version they talk about for the next update
    @sellpixels-robot - Hey folks, I've supplied my firebase config but the application doesn't load after a successful authentication. I'm getting an error in firebase/index.js that says userFields is Null. Help appreciated
    Mayank Agarwal
    @sellpixels-robot Does Vue Admin template supports typescript ?
    @sellpixels-robot I have a PostgreSQL + PostGraphile backend with JWT. How can I connect it now with Clean UI?
    I am also using Hooks with it. For example: export const useAuthenticate = useAuthenticateMutation
    Apollo Client
    Daniel Martinez Lopez

    Good Afternoon, i am using the angular version and i trying to use Basic ACL but i don't understand how to implemen it, can someone guide me? Actually i make a copy of the components inside my module and in my html put this:

    <cui-acl [roles]="['super']" redirect="/dashboard/beta">
    ... content

    the component do the rol validation but not redirect to the path. am i missing something?

    Hello, how are you, how complicated would it be to add design material?
    Hello. Do you have some extra information about how to implement auth0 authentication and ACL?
    Very poor documentation. I've bought your Clean UI Pro Bundle but it needs too much time to understand how it works and what conceptions are used. Docs doesn't help to understand. It's much faster to take all necessary features and make everything by hand.
    I open Auth0 part of docs and actually it is said there that I need to read auth0 documentation. I used another bundle that I bought on Themeforest and spent rather much time to integrate Auth0 manually. I decided to refactor the code, bought your bundle to simplify my life, but it became more complicated. Great...