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    vd patel
    hello @sellpixels-robot
    i found there are many difference in visual builder and clean UI
    so all component include in VB?
    4 replies
    i want to purchase clean ui
    but i saw your chat replays
    so i want to confirm
    and i want to check code structure. is there any way to see code structure?
    I checked your visual builder tool and it looks great
    is there any tailwind + ant design version?
    2 replies
    If so, that'd be great!
    Jip Irfandy
    1. Will I get the Visual Builder if I bought regular license?
      I'm kind of confused between Visual Builder and the Clean UI theme.

    2. Are there any documentation about the "Drag and Drop" builder?
      Like how is it going to be saved, does everyone have the same dashboard/can be customised?

    3. How does the drag and drop connected to Clean UI?
      I saw you guys dragging in the video, but I don't get it how will the template that I created will be saved or used.

    11 replies
    Giorgi Khukhunaishvili
    Hello @sellpixels-robot
    How can i download visual builder vue template with examples like its shown here - https://vue.visualbuilder.cloud/#/dashboard/alpha On Github its just blank template
    8 replies
    Hi there, I was on CleanUI and am now upgrading to VB. I've inited the full version and added firebase config, the authentication works great, but it seems that on login success there's no redirect. Any quick fix?
    3 replies
    I just bought a license today but i don't know to use the tool.
    I have downloaded the source code and have it running but it's still in preview mode(can't add components)?
    How can i use the full version?
    2 replies
    Yogesh Prajapati

    What all things I receive after purchase?

    Any access to an online portal? or something that I need to download?

    In case of download how I'll get the updates?

    Jorge Pirela
    Greetings, try to deploy the application in React using yarn build, the build folder is created but index.html does not run, it stays in the spinner. How can i solve this problem?
    hey there guys I am struggling to figure out how to get started with the visual builder. I have downloaded the react cra folder and have run the install and started the dev server, but all I see is a prompt to purchase a licence. Do I need to plot in my licence somewhere for this to work?
    Mayank Agarwal
    @sellpixels-robot I want to use vue2 admin template for my project, what shall I do ?? Can the new vb scss files be used with it ? If yes, how ?
    Craig McMeechan
    Has anyone here implimented their own JWT auth api?
    I am trying to get the template / components to work with TypeScript and support future updates, in that sense I have created a folder for the components but I have an issues with the mixins not being able to resolve the mixins.scss from the components folder. I did switch from react-create-app to react-rewrite but no luck. Is there a guide on to make this work? Sorry if this was asked before but I wasn't able to find the response to my question.
    hank you
    Hi everyone, is there any video tutorials or guides available for the UI Kits?
    Yefta AW
    I've installed Vue-Laravel version, but it shows me "You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.". What's wrong here?
    Mayank Agarwal
    @sellpixels-robot for the react template I see there is no typescript support ???
    how can i download files?
    So, support is non existent I am guessing?
    Hi does anyone know how to change the page that happens once a user logsin? Thanks!
    On the cleanui, it redirects to alpha when you login, anyone know how I can redirect to a different page? Thanks!
    Aman Bhargava
    Hi, what's the ETA for the nuxt version? And where can I access the Builder/Drawer app
    Sreedhara Chandra
    Hi Team, I had purchased the CleanUI React Pro from Themeforest 2 years back, I plan to use it for a product development personally
    But the problem is I cannot use it for a product which I can make it a service based, or subscription based UI
    If we have to spend money to just create free products, then why do we need to purchase at all?? Rather we can use free templates right,

    Has anyone here implimented their own JWT auth api?

    I have implemented Craig, its so easy, I have Spring Boot API service as backend

    1. I have licence for the visual builder and I would like to save my changes - pages, routes, menu config etc.
    2. Once I cleared cookies, I cannot login any where to retain my changes. Can someone help me?
    Hello, every one~
    After I buy Visual Builder UI, I use "yarn serve" and get "Syntax Error: Error: .eslintrc.js: Environment key "es2021" is unknown".
    Could someone help me?
    Official account is never response to my question.
    Sushant Shekhar
    Where can I use the Visual Builder? I am confused
    Mayank Agarwal
    @sellpixels-robot vuejs template build size is too high. Probably because its using all of AntD, please optimise
    Hello. So do I run VIsual Builder on my local machine or online from your website, since in the local I do not have options to drag and drop components?
    Hello, are you suppurt rtl in all component?
    When does the support answer here?
    Mayank Agarwal
    @sellpixels-robot please give us some ETA on when the support will resume

    I am currently using the VisualBuilder with Vue and tried to export a simple navigation bar with the "Classic" menu variant.
    In the following GIF you can see how the VisualBuilder app displays the menu correctly with both the "expand" and "retract" animations.
    After exporting the source to serve it locally, the animation only works correctly when expanding the menu, but not when retracting.

    GIF to showcase the problem
    (Note that I recorded the VisualBuilder app in light mode and the exported source in dark mode just for better distinguishing)

    Is this a known problem with the AntDesign version for vue? I am having trouble to fix this myself.

    Hello, I am still experiencing this issue. Do you have any idea how to fix it?
    I have spotted that the collapse animation applies "display: none;" instantly inside the vue example, whereas with the react example it does it only after the animation is finished. This completely hides the collapse animation and doesn't look smooth. Please have a look into it.

    i would like to use inertia with laravel
    how can i use the visual builder ui template with this
    im not a pro at vue and the laravel-vue package is with the auth via jwt over api calls
    Esteban Gonzalez

    Hey guys.
    I'm using VisualBuilder, I created my layout and downloaded the sources with my license.
    Perfect results, I like.

    But I got a problem.
    When I'm running my development serve. The hot reloading doesn't have no one effects.
    The development server recompile and recompute quickly (I see in my terminal).
    But my web app doesn't change. Same for my friend on the same project.

    Is this a known issue on your templates in Vue3?

    Hi guys, I have just purchased the license, and I will use the visual builder. How long would this take to install the development code? for our personal admin..,?
    Hello, anyone know where I can get the HTML code?
    Gustavo Valverde
    Hi all. Any ETA on the NextJS version?
    So, no one here to answer?
    Daniel Sanchez
    nope they never answer
    Hi, i emailed them to get a refund. Emailed multiple times over the past weeks, never got a reply. How can I reach them?
    I've installed Vue-Laravel version, but it shows me "You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.". What's wrong here?