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    Angelo Adam
    it also looks like there are a bunch of formatting problems with the xd files.
    2 replies
    Rohit Wadhwa
    can we use reacttour ?
    in this theme
    ( cleanui-admin-template-react-cra )
    Any luck this feature is coming in upgrade or any specfic guideline?
    4 replies
    Rohit Wadhwa
    unable to overide primary colour from settings/reducers.js
    1 reply
    Sergey Pozdniakov
    When will the Laravel vue version be released? Already the second month as promised! Now. Don't even answer!!!??
    1 reply
    Ajay Kumar
    Hi.. I want as soon page load of react admin show home page after clicking on login or register go to auth/login.... Exactly how to customize layout for landing page .
    1 reply
    Daniel Sanchez
    is the visual builder expected to release on time or will there be any delays?
    2 replies
    Maciek Misztal
    is there a sample seed project for angular? just the basics?
    Rohit Wadhwa
    Test case issues
    File : src/pages/auth/login/index.test.js
    import React from 'react'
    import Login from 'components/cleanui/system/Auth/Login' // Introduce the corresponding React component
    import configureMockStore from 'redux-mock-store'
    import { Provider } from 'react-redux'
    import { shallowWithIntl, loadTranslationObject } from 'enzyme-react-intl'
    import translations from '../../../locales/en-US'
    const mockStore = configureMockStore()
    // Load in the desired react-intl translation file.
    const store = mockStore({ settings: { authProvider: 'jwt', logo: '' }, user: { loading: false } })
    it('renders with Login', () => {
      const wrapper = shallowWithIntl(
        <Provider store={store}>
          <Login />
      ) // Rendering
    it('renders children when passed in', () => {
      const wrapper = shallowWithIntl(
        <Provider store={store}>
            <div className="unique" />
      expect(wrapper.contains(<div className="unique" />)).to.equal(true)
    3 replies

    Unable to right test cases mostly getting these errors :

    Output of above code :

    Test suite failed to run
        ({"Object.<anonymous>":function(module,exports,require,__dirname,__filename,global,jest){import defaultLocale from './default';
        SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module
        > 1 | import localeAntd from 'antd/es/locale/en_US'
            | ^
          2 | 
          3 | const messages = {
          4 |   'topBar.issuesHistory': 'Issues History',
          at ScriptTransformer._transformAndBuildScript (node_modules/@jest/transform/build/ScriptTransformer.js:537:17)
          at ScriptTransformer.transform (node_modules/@jest/transform/build/ScriptTransformer.js:579:25)
          at Object.<anonymous> (src/locales/en-US.js:1:1)

    Can you help because in shallow testing its loading complete main page layout and the main issue was import defaultLocale from './default';

    Need help here, because i am not able to write a simple test case, I have also tried these as above :

    import React from 'react'
    import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
    import { MemoryRouter } from 'react-router-dom'
    import Login from 'components/cleanui/system/Auth/Login'
    import configureMockStore from 'redux-mock-store'
    import { Provider } from 'react-redux'
    import { IntlProvider } from 'react-intl'
    const mockStore = configureMockStore()
    const store = mockStore({ settings: { authProvider: 'jwt', logo: '' }, user: { loading: false } })
    const messages = {
      'topBar.issuesHistory': 'Issues History',
      'topBar.projectManagement': 'Project Management',
      'topBar.typeToSearch': 'Search...',
      'topBar.findPages': 'Find pages...',
      'topBar.actions': 'Actions',
      'topBar.status': 'Status',
      'topBar.profileMenu.hello': 'Hello',
      'topBar.profileMenu.billingPlan': 'Billing Plan',
      'topBar.profileMenu.role': 'Role',
      'topBar.profileMenu.email': 'Email',
      'topBar.profileMenu.phone': 'Phone',
      'topBar.profileMenu.editProfile': 'Edit Profile',
      'topBar.profileMenu.lockscreen': 'Lockscreen',
      'topBar.profileMenu.logout': 'Logout',
      'login.login': 'Login',
      'login.email': 'E-mail',
      'login.password': 'Password',
      'login.forgotpassword': 'Forgot Password',
    it('renders without crashing', () => {
      const div = document.createElement('div')
        <IntlProvider locale="en-US" messages={messages}>
            <Provider store={store}>
              <Login />

    Output :

    console.error node_modules/jest-environment-jsdom/node_modules/jsdom/lib/jsdom/virtual-console.js:29
       Error: Uncaught [TypeError: window.matchMedia is not a function]
            at reportException (/home/rohit/Drive/workspace/pws/pws-ui/node_modules/jest-environment-jsdom/node_modules/jsdom/lib/jsdom/living/helpers/runtime-script-errors.js:661

    please have a look @sellpixels-robot

    Mayank Agarwal
    @sellpixels-robot please give some ETA on the Visual Builder
    Daniel Sanchez
    @sellpixels-robot Any updates on the Visual Builder? That was a large reason for getting this UI
    Cheehow WEE
    I wonder if anyone here have implemented charts with AntV G2 Plot: https://antv-g2plot.gitee.io/en/examples/gallery
    I think their charts are very comprehensive and modern looking, however I couldn't get it to work with CRA, due to limited knowledge on its configuration
    Cheehow WEE

    I think their charts are very comprehensive and modern looking, however I couldn't get it to work with CRA, due to limited knowledge on its configuration

    Following up on this, the React mod is released, however the documentation language is in Chinese: https://charts.ant.design/
    I guess, Google Translate will serve a good purpose here if you are exploring charts, one of the comprehensive I've found, and it fits well with Clean UI React.

    2 replies
    Almog Koren
    Has anyone integrated this with MeteorJS
    1 reply
    and are there any google maps example
    Daniel Sanchez
    any updates on the visual builder? @sellpixels-robot
    Peter Penzov
    hello Team
    I'm interested what is the progress on Angular template cleanui-admin-template-angular
    Any plans to update it for Angular 10 soon?
    1 reply
    Alexander Kashmensky
    What is a visual builder and where can I read about it?
    1 reply
    Ivan Skiridomov
    Hi, Is there new about Laravel VueJS integration ? Can I help to contribute ?
    2 replies
    Hello, I have a new install of the angular theme, the UI is messed up but no pop any errors
    1 reply
    Imad Yaici
    Hello team
    I'm interested in your admin templates Air UI and Clean UI
    And I can't really see the difference between them
    so what do you advise?
    what are the differences between them?
    which one is better?
    6 replies
    Hi is the latest version launched? The Clean UI site shows the countdown timer at 0, just wondering if there's any updates on this.
    1 reply
    Imad Yaici
    can anyone help on the difference between Clean UI and Air UI?
    1 reply
    @sellpixels-robot Is anyone reading this channel? Does anyone know if the latest version is launched? The Clean UI site shows the countdown timer at 0 and it's been sitting there for days, just wondering if there's any updates on this.
    1 reply
    Daniel Sanchez
    No, its been like that for like a month now. They're in Belarus and I think they've been having major issues over there
    4 replies
    hello, i just wonder if the vue project updated to vue3 or still its vue 2 ?
    1 reply
    Did you use typescript for React admin template?
    2 replies
    Bilal Shah
    Is there a text file available that shows the complete file structure for cleanui-admin-template-react-cra. Its not very convenient taking screenshot from the website :)
    2 replies
    Hi, currently we are trying to use cleanui-admin-template-vue-laravel, we're using laravel sanctum as auth provider, currently we succeed to do login, but when we tried to do request it always return unauthenticated. we already add withCredentials: true to axios config but no success, does anyone having similar problem?
    1 reply
    Amin Saighi
    Hello, I need ur help;
    I need to add the clean ui to my project angular
    what's the best way the make it fast ?
    1 reply
    thank you guys
    is there a way to keep entire menu fixed, not just the TopBar?
    Vivek Elayidom
    Hi.. I cannot see ANT components like TreeList with search in the HTML package..
    is this only limited to React?
    Fletrix Dev
    I found there is no sketch file for "Style guide" such as typography
    Hi CleanUI team, I'd like to know if CleanUI support the antd 3x version? I've encountered some style issue with antd 3.26.18 when integrating CleanUI to my project

    Hi, I would like to buy CleanUI as our Website React template, I appreciate if you may kindly answer my questions:

    1) Is there any way that the user can close one widget or draggable that widget (some other templates have it)?

    2) Our company portal has multiple users (one domain) that they paid annually payment for membership, a regular license is enough?

    3) The React Template has RTL (Right to Left) support? or at least do you have any plan to do it later?