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Neil Kalman
hi! anyone here? I'm trying to get some help troubleshooting something with semantic-release
Hi, I am lost, I am trying to figure out why the master..dev are different but it says there's nothing to merge
I added semantic-release github-action to a repo and for the first run say I used npm install so as to sync package.json and package-lock.json file. However from the second run I just like to use npm ci as part of the CI pipeline. But I am getting errors such as npm WARN prepare removing existing node_modules/ before installation
npm ERR! cipm can only install packages when your package.json and package-lock.json or npm-shrinkwrap.json are in sync. Please update your lock file with npm install before continuing.
npm ERR!
npm ERR!
npm ERR! Missing: is-installed-globally@^0.3.1
npm ERR! Missing: karma@^4.4.1
npm ERR! Missing: @semantic-release/git@^7.0.18
npm ERR! Missing: cz-conventional-changelog@^3.0.2
npm ERR! Missing: git-cz@^3.3.0
npm ERR! Missing: http-server@^0.11.1
npm ERR! Missing: last-release-git@0.0.3
npm ERR! Missing: semantic-release@^15.13.30
npm ERR!
Unless I run both npm i && npm ci I keep getting the above errors. I would appreciate any help on this!
Hasitha Shan
Hi, is there a way to release using the current version in package json through the next branch?
my last release from the next branch is 2.4.0@next, I merged my beta branch to the next branch, which now the version reads 2.5.0-beta.3, and when I try to release from the next branch it tries to release it as v3.0.0 instead of v 2.5.0..any idea how to fix this? or is this the usual behaviour?
Thanks alot :)
Merry Christmas IRC friends. Lot'S of success and less bugs to all. and sorry for amsg :)!
Merry Christmas IRC friends. Lot'S of success and less bugs to all. and sorry for amsg :)!
Hello, I would like to update the version number as well in server/package.json while publishing with semantic-release, how can I do using @semantic-release/exec, just the publish step is having the version while I need to prepare it first.
Frank Lemanschik
i would say incrementing the version number is the last step
many people even do that via a additional commit
When i run semantic-release --no-ci on branch development a get This test run was triggered on the branch development, while semantic-release is configured to only publish from master, therefore a new version won’t be published.
how can i fix semantic-release to trigger on the branch development?
Frank Lemanschik
fix semantic realease requires a bug first
in .releaserc.js i have module.exports = {
branch: 'development',
Frank Lemanschik
i think you should review your whole setup
maybe you need to do more then that
you need to understand your release process in any way there is no short route for that
git show -s HEAD (HEAD -> development, origin/development)
all output is

semantic-release --no-ci

[16:07:15] [semantic-release] › ℹ Running semantic-release version 17.0.4
[16:07:18] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "verifyConditions" from "@semantic-release/npm"
[16:07:19] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "verifyConditions" from "@semantic-release/git"
[16:07:19] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "analyzeCommits" from "@semantic-release/commit-analyzer"
[16:07:19] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "generateNotes" from "@semantic-release/release-notes-generator"
[16:07:19] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "prepare" from "@semantic-release/changelog"
[16:07:19] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "prepare" from "@semantic-release/npm"
[16:07:19] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "prepare" from "@semantic-release/git"
[16:07:19] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "publish" from "@semantic-release/npm"
[16:07:20] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "publish" from "@semantic-release/gitlab"
[16:07:20] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "addChannel" from "@semantic-release/npm"
[16:07:20] [semantic-release] › ✔ Loaded plugin "addChannel" from "@semantic-release/github"
[16:07:27] [semantic-release] › ℹ This test run was triggered on the branch development, while semantic-release is configured to only publish from master, therefore a new version won’t be published.

@frank-dspeed i mean configure
hi all, when someone squash merged in GitLab, if the custom message is not created in the format type(subject): description, then the semantic-release fails to release a new version. Is there a recommendation somewhere on what settings should be in the CI?
@thehme for now, we are just telling team members to add the custom message, but this is prone to error since people are so used to squash merging in GitLab, without adding a message, let alone a formatted message.
how do we add assets as cli args?
Hieu Rocker
Currently semantic-release is tighten to GitHub, any plan to support BitBucket or even better make it generic? Allowing to intercept release notes generator would be a great start.
oh nevermind, I found that this is currently supported
Hieu Rocker
actually it doesn't work well with Enterprise self-hosted BitBucket
Samuel Vijaykumar M
hi is there way i could disable the generation of changelog.md ???
@samof76 if u dont want the changelog.md to be be present in your git
just remove the the changelog.md from git plugin in your configuration file
hi all, I need help to understand if there is a way to create a new tag/release for every commit made to default channel(master branch) irrespective of the commit message format?
Vineet Gupta
hello folks
first of all so great work on semantic-release , thank you
I have a small question - my .releaserc.yaml looks like this
Alexandre Thenorio
Evening. After having read the documentation and run semantic-release on my machine, it is not clear to me how does semantic-release know it is running on a CI or not? It doesn't think my laptop is CI which is fine but I haven't really understood where is the logic that would make it think my CI is a CI environment without me setting some config which would defeat the purpose of the whole thing
Frank Lemanschik
do you even know what the main reason for semantic-release is?
what it solves?
Alexandre Thenorio
Looks like it just needed a CI=true variable.
Next question is whether there is any way to have semantic-release just verify the commit messages according to the configured preset on the commit-analyzer without actually running a release or do I have to use a separate tool for that?
The idea being that when using PR flows on github, I want to be able to catch invalid commit messages before merging the PR (At which point we'd run semantic-release on CI)
Frank Lemanschik
i use git hooks for that
pre commit is well fit for verify of commit messages
Hi guys !
I would like some help on this case:
Here in my company we use GitHub Registry instead of NPMJs.
We would love to use semantic release, but publishing the package on GH Registry. Is there any configuration for this situation ?
Frank Lemanschik
how much do you pay for it

Hey everyone,

I'm running into a curious issue. I'm trying to run semantic release from a gitlab runner hosted within a circle ci macos executor. I keep running into the following error:

2020-10-13T17:06:36.150Z semantic-release:get-git-auth-url Verifying ssh auth by attempting to push to  https://gitlab.com/tonetechnician/repo.git
2020-10-13T17:06:36.501Z semantic-release:git Error: Command failed with exit code 128: git push --dry-run --no-verify https://gitlab.com/tonetechnician/repo.git HEAD:master
remote: You are not allowed to upload code.
fatal: unable to access 'https://gitlab.com/tonetechnician/repo.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403
    at makeError (/Users/distiller/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/execa/lib/error.js:59:11)
    at handlePromise (/Users/distiller/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/execa/index.js:114:26)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
    at async verifyAuth (/Users/distiller/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/semantic-release/lib/git.js:207:5)
    at async module.exports (/Users/distiller/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/semantic-release/lib/get-git-auth-url.js:47:5)
    at async run (/Users/distiller/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/semantic-release/index.js:56:27)
    at async module.exports (/Users/distiller/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/semantic-release/index.js:260:22)
    at async module.exports (/Users/distiller/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/semantic-release/cli.js:55:5)
2020-10-13T17:06:36.501Z semantic-release:get-git-auth-url SSH key auth failed, falling back to https.
2020-10-13T17:06:39.334Z semantic-release:get-tags found tags for branch semantic-test: [ { gitTag: 'v1.0.0', version: '1.0.0', channels: [ null ] }, { gitTag: 'v1.0.1', version: '1.0.1', channels: [ null ] }, { gitTag: 'v1.0.2', version: '1.0.2', channels: [ null ] } ]
[5:06:39 PM] [semantic-release] › ℹ  This test run was triggered on the branch master, while semantic-release is configured to only publish from semantic-test, therefore a new version won’t be published.

It seems as if the ssh auth is failing. What's more, is the fallback to https is also not working with no response from the package (I've also setup the GIT_CREDENTIALS environment variable with <username>:<password>). Furthermore, the git branch seems to switch to master which prevents me from being able to prepare the release (my release branch is named something different). Surely this error should cause the job to fail?

I can confirm I've setup my SSH credentials in both the gitlab runner and the circleCI executor (and also individually) by running ssh -T git@gitlab.com which lets me login correctly. I can also confirm when running the same release on my local gitlab-runner things run as expected, so I can only imagine it's something going wrong with the ssh in the CircleCI, I'm just not exactly sure what it might be.

The code in question is found here https://github.com/semantic-release/semantic-release/blob/master/lib/get-git-auth-url.js#L47