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Hello there, my name is Payton. I'm new to serverless but I'm not new to python. What are the cold start and warm start performance stats for using the serverless framework as compared to the AWS SAM CLI?
google knative ,anyone in practice?
hi all, how to make AWS.CognitoIdentityCredentials to use serverless-offline cognito instead of remote cognito ?
Arpit Dubey
I am making an image resize service using golang and serverless. The problem I am facing is that I want to invoke the function on an APIGateway proxy event and bucket delete event. I am not able to understand that how would I be able to differentiate between the events so that for one I attach a router and for the other event I just call a function for the bucket delete event
hi any1 got any alternative to get account id by other methods instead of using STS
Jeffrey Melloy
is serverless login required now? it's not working for me
opens up a browser, logs me in, and then hangs
can't run any commands without logging in
oh, it's because I uncommented the app variable
I thought that was an aWS thing


We just launched Serverless Components — A powerful addition to the Serverless Framework.

You can check it out here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/serverless-components-2


Max Harris
does anyone know if you can set up AWS Lambda test events from inside serverless.yml?
Max Harris
Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.39.12 PM.png
like these ^^
the docs didn't help me because it doesn't look like they explain how to do this at all
Arye Shalev
Hi guys, who ever has a blog or post on Medium stuff that are related to programming, I am working on a new publishing platform, its my side project and i worked reallllly hard on it - I would love for your feedback! if you love publishing and curating content - PLEASE PM ME :)
if my message is not following chat room rules i will delete it! thanks.
Hi everyone, I am trying to add a nestjs app served with serverless application in my nx workspace. Do you guys know how to set that up? I can't seem to be able to require the any of my nx workspace libs (always get the cannot find module). If anyone is interested, I could show what I'm doing at the moment.
Hi everyone, I am trying to deploy new function in the same service using "sls deploy function -f <function name>" . I got the error The function "<function name>" you want to update is not yet deployed. Please run "serverless deploy" to deploy your service. After that you can redeploy your services functions with the "serverless deploy function" command. Is there other way to deploy new function in the same service without using "sls deploy".
Boris Pavlov
Hello there.
Is anybody aware if CloudFormation (Severless framework) supports AWS CloudSearch?
Jim Gibbs
Greetings all! First time here, not my first time with serverless. Great stuff! I am having an issue with SQS and Python3. I have attempted all types of configurations nothing is working. Each time my function times out after a configured 60 seconds. I am simply attempting to connect to the queue and place one message on the queue. Simple use case to start before adding complexity. Has anyone else had this or similar issue?
Boris Pavlov
errors in cloud watch?
Jim Gibbs
nothing... I am logging out the queue URL, which I can see. Then I attempt to place the message with SQS_CLIENT.send_message(QueueUrl=url,MessageBody='test') where SQS_CLIENT is SQS_CLIENT = boto3.client('sqs')... as I said nothing complicated here
Craig Pickard

Morning all, I'm attempting to separate out my stack into two versions, a "staging" and a "production" version. I'm running into a problem with the fact that I have a step function declared in my serverless.yml file, and although serverless generates different functions based on the stage, ie <funciton name>-${opt:stage}, my deployment fails due to a reference to Step function, like such:

      Description: The ARN of the state machine
        Ref: MyStepFn

It basically won't let me deploy a different stage because it says the step function already exists, how do I get it to create a second step function based on the ${opt:stage}

Jim Gibbs
The issue I was having is that lambda running in a VPC cannot communicate with SQS. You MUST create a VPC endpoint to allow for the communication to go across the boundary.
Mike Suggitt
Has anyone found any workarounds for variable interpolation if using a plugin that access config in its constructor (i.e. too early!). I'm thinking if I use a plugin to force config that might work. (obv getting plugin owner to change their code is the ideal)
Gareth McCumskey
@Craigson The best way to help with that is to add the stage into the name of the resources you deploy using ${opt:stage} to reference the value of hte --stageoption passsed when you run serverless deploy
Vegard Berget
Question about azure: How is additional resources (like resources: in aws/google cloud) suppose to work? Any examples? It is not part of the boilerplate, and when I added something it doesn't seem to be added somewhere (not getting any errors either)
Alessandro Tagliapietra

Hello everyone, should

    restApi: true

be enough to set api gateway access logs?

Alessandro Tagliapietra
looks like it is, I was looking for the wrong log group
Alexander Shelist
Hello guys. Could you help me. I'm create a code and upload to AWS Lambda, but I'm got error. error while loading shared libraries
How fix it?
Mark Everett
Hey all, I am trying to use the serverless dashboard for managing my secrets and inserting them into environment: EMAIL_MANDRILL_APIKEY: ${secrets:EMAIL_MANDRILL_APIKEY}. But I receive Invalid variable reference syntax for variable secrets:XXXXX. Any ideas?
Mark Everett
Ok it appears that £{secrets:xxxx} doesnt work with an external file an only directly in the serverless.yml (odd)
Hi folks
Is there as schedule equivalent for GCP?
as it stands seems like my best option is google scheduler
which at best probably can mean I include a script with my code to set it up with gcloud
@alex88 p.s. thanks for that, that is good information
Hello, I am having trouble with a lambda function cloudwatch event. Serverless attempts to create a role vs using the role set under the provider statement. I would like to attach the below pattern, however am unable due our corporate IAM rules. functions:
handler: handlers/sample.handler
description: "Lambda crawler that formats log data modififed with in a given range to match Athena schema"
      - eventBridge:
              - aws.cloudformation
              - AWS API Call via CloudTrail
                - s3.amazonaws.com
                - PutObject
                - CopyObject
                  - ${self:custom.bucket.${self:provider.stage}}
manish kakoti
Hi everyone, i just joined in today, i had a question around aws, serverless. I have been receiving this error of : CodeSHA256 (/vfhjrOnngaM5+1H5teeTZ/DRlQ0R7IGUZ28s0adg0c=) is different from current CodeSHA256 in $LATEST (KVhQLeIqIzHShi6dxkjQKC6UU0opH5ZhGmIBCe/lSp8=). Please try again with the CodeSHA256 in $LATEST. (Service: AWSLambda; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterValueException; Request ID: xxxxxxxxx) i have no clue on how to solve this. Its not even going away after a day, although versionFunctions: false is not working out as because it does not allow you to update lambda functions, please help if you possibly know a work around or way to solve this
Vijay Amin
I am trying to use the multiple resources > 200 in single project with serverless-plugin-split-stacks plugin
it was working well

but now, when I deploy it's giving me error

An error occurred: RolesNestedStack - Embedded stack arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1:XXXXXXXXX:stack/XXXXXX-dev-RolesNestedStack-XXXXX/XXXXXXXXXX was not successfully updated. Currently in UPDATE_ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS with reason: The following resource(s) failed to update: [IamRoleLambdaExecution].

Yann Boisclair-Roy

We're having some trouble with the default IAM role Creation when deploying a Lambda. It creates a role like this:
And there's no stage added to the name of the role. Which causes issues with our security team enforcing the environement to be part of the role name

Anyone have an idea?

I am/was having a similar issue. I was able to deploy with the set IAM role under provider but had to remove the events settings I was using. I might try and get it to work with a simple config and then find what part of your config file is causing the issue.
Adam Chaulk
has anyone here experienced issues where externally managed IAM permissions are being wiped out on serverless deploys? I am using the default IAM role serverless creates and adding permissions dynamically in another application