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Richard Tan
Hi there, has anyone had any luck using this plugin?
Hmm @garethmcc Looking at that article you posted, that might be the way forward
Artyom Khomyakov
Hi there. Does anybody know how to debug Layers?
Muhammad Zeeshan Qazi
I need a help, my deployment is strucking at packaging.
How can i fix it
Serverless: Invoke deploy
Serverless: Invoke package
Serverless: Invoke aws:common:validate
Serverless: Invoke aws:common:cleanupTempDir
Serverless: [serverless-package-python-functions] Packaging **
Gareth McCumskey
@richardtapendium If you are using Serverless Framework Pro Dashboard you have access to the parameters feature which is free so that may work better for you
@mzeeqazi Depending on how you are packaging and what you are deploying, it could just be taking a long time. Can you share your serverless.yml?
Lior Rabin
Hi everyone.
I'm new to serverless and I have some questions regarding lambda deployments.
We have existing lambda functions that were created manually and now we want to deploy them using serverless.
If I run serverless deploy --stage dev --region us-east-1 I get an error An error occurred: RetrieveLogGroup - /aws/lambda/xxx-dev already exists.
Our apps are invoking this lambda by name so I cannot delete it before deploying using serverless.
Is there a way for me to deploy without deleting the functions and just "replace" them or something similar?
Thanks :)
Gareth McCumskey
@LiorRabin Each deployment uses CloudFormation as a way to keep current deployment state. This isnt something I have done so YMMV, but you could try using the CloudFormation resource import feature. In other words, deploy your new Serverless service without the existing functions just to get the initial deployment done, import the existing functions into the CloudFormation stack created by the deployment, add the existing functions to the serverless.yml and now when you deploy it should all sync up.
Kay Khan

Hi i have an api gateway, but i am struggling to see logs in cloudwatch.


  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs12.x
    restApi: true

    handler: handler.main
      - httpApi: '*'

Occurding to documentation restApi true should generate /aws/api-gateway/{service}-{stage} but all i see is /aws/lambda/my-service-dev-main. This service use to be just a lambda function before i made it into an api gateway.

and in /aws/lambda/my-service-dev-main. im seeing logs that im not expecting.

For example
START RequestId: be6e1b5a-a840-438f-9131-06c0ccad2878 Version: $LATEST

im looking for logs that show me waht the request of the api was and what response it sent out etc

Kay Khan
!! Ah i made a mistake it should be httpApi: true as this is a http api gatway
Now i have a /aws/http-api/{servicename} cloudwatch group
but unfortuantly it does not what me the kind of information i need like the incoming request (query params) and the response sent out, i need this for debugging
ah i believe what im looking for is execution logs, can they be enabled for a httpApi? i understand if its restApi its enabled by default
Kay Khan
ah apparently httpApi doesent support execution logs

So i have a question i have built a proxy that forwards requests on after attaching some details and returns back the response to the caller of the api gateway, is http api necessary here or is this also possible with rest api?

I essentially needed a route that would catch everything /*

Gareth McCumskey
@kaykhancheckpoint httpApi is the "successor" to http. http is the API Gateway REST API you get on AWS, where the httpApi event is the new v2 of that REST API. Its faster, cheaper and just better except for the advanced features you mentioned. You can change httpApi to http in the serverless.yml, and you may need to change some code in your Lambda based on how you access the event object as there are differences between the two, but both give you an HTTP endpoint. The original http event just has a lot more features for now until httpApi catches up on the AWS side.
Kay Khan
ah thanks
Muhammad Zeeshan Qazi
@garethmcc serverless.yml is available at
issue is I am not able to deploy it from my machine because it is stucking at packaging
But other can deploy it, even I can deploy it from my other machine without changing any line of code
@mzeeqazi Depending on how you are packaging and what you are deploying, it could just be taking a long time. Can you share your serverless.yml?
Karthik Vemula
I am trying to do this sls plugin install -n serverless-python-requirements

Fetch Error --------------------------------------------

FetchError: request to failed, reason: unable to get local issuer certificate

i have looked around and it says something about proxy but everything else is working fine
James Dixon
Hey everyone! Can anyone point me to how to use a custom bucket name for an s3 event based on the stage? I've tried about 4 different approaches and all end up failing in one form or another :-/
service: resize-image

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs12.x
  stage: ${opt:stage,'development'}
      name: mybucket-${self:provider.stage}

    handler: handler.resize
    memory: 1024
      - s3:
          bucket: ${self:provider.s3.bucketName}
          event: s3:ObjectCreated:*

          # only apply this event when the key has the following prefix
            - prefix: incoming_photos/

          # indicates that we're adding an event to an existing lambda
          # rather than creating a new one
          existing: true
      S3_ENDPOINT: ${self:custom.s3Endpoint.${self:provider.stage}}
      S3_BUCKET: ${self:custom.s3Bucket.${self:provider.stage}}
This was my lastest attempt that results in the following error:
Error: The CloudFormation template is invalid: Template error: every Fn::Join object requires two parameters, (1) a string delimiter and (2) a list of strings to be joined or a function that returns a list of strings (such as Fn::GetAZs) to be joined.
Gareth McCumskey
@jamesdixon ${self:provider.s3.bucketName} needs to be ${}
In your S3 bucket event definition
James Dixon
Ah, thanks @garethmcc! Of course it was something stupid :)
Gareth McCumskey
Its not stupid :) YML tricks up everybody at some point. Messed me around for 3 hours yesterday
Lior Rabin
Hi, when I use endpointType: private for API Gateway, is there a way to make it accessible only from specific vpc/subnet/ip and not using an API KEY?
Dhaval Soni
Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 11.15.24 PM.png
Can we set up this information via serverless yml? I have enabled 2FA and update the budget and message type
Gareth McCumskey
@LiorRabin This is possible. The best place it looks to get the info you need is the PR that added that functionality to the Serverless Framework:serverless/serverless#5080
Sasha Sklar
Hi all, I know this is a question that gets asked frequently but I've read all the docs and github comments and I'm still not clear: can I deploy lambdas through Serverless framework without API gateway configuration so I can configure an existing gateway "manually" to point to those functions?
Miguel Espinoza
@sashasklar Yes you can, as long as you dont define an http event in your lambdas I believe no APIG will be created. In any case, you can still get an old APIG to trigger "sls lambdas" manually
Gareth McCumskey
@sashasklar @purefan You can also reference an existing API Gateway and use the http event so that it points at the referenced API Gateway instead of creating a new one:
Almas Akchabayev

Hey guys, I have configured a function to be async as described here

After this change the function returns immediately without executing the actual logic. I could not find much info on the web, has any of you seen this problem?

Gareth McCumskey
@almeynman As I asked on your Stack Overflow, can you share the function code that is giving you issues?

Guys, I'm trying to use serverless-offline to load my parameters from the dashboard (in NodeJS), but I cannot access them by process.env.VAR_NAME. I dumped process.env and the parameters are mapped strangely:

  '0': { MY_PARAMETER: 'value' },
  '1': { MY_OTHER_PARAMETER: 'value' },
  LESSOPEN: '| /usr/bin/lesspipe %s',
  npm_package_devDependencies__types_node: '^14.0.14',
  npm_config_cache_lock_stale: '60000',
  npm_config_ham_it_up: '',
  npm_config_legacy_bundling: '',
  npm_config_sign_git_tag: '',

Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, I was. I was using - in the serverless.yml file at the env variables section so it mapped as an array...
James Sewell
Is there a way to convert serverless.yml variables to json?
     user1: me
     user2: you
{"user1": "me", "user2": "you"}

Hello guys, is there any gain using serverless package? I mean, i'm currently using this for packaging it at the Continuous Integration time, save the generated zip and cloudformation to a s3 bucket and specific folder

Than at the Continuous Delivery, i download the package and do sls deploy --package folder/environment --stage ${env} --env ${env} (using dotenv), i was expecting to not need the --stage or the --env, since the --package create the cloudformation, so at this moment i see no utility for it, someone can point to the correctly use of it, please.