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Eugene Tolbakov
hey @cmacmurray! Do you mean the cross-account deployment? If so, feel free to ping me
Gareth McCumskey
@ssanri What is your use case for the layer? I have not found it all that useful besides for custom runtimes
Thiago Cardoso

Hello everybody, here I have a project with a lot of folders and files, so it's only natural that the imports become a little clutter.

I know that webpack offer solutions to add path aliases, and there is even separated packages which allow me to bring the same solution, but the main problem is that all of them expects that I have a main entry file, which I don't since I work with a lot of handlers.

Is there any other solution to this? Has anybody faced this same issue?

Truong Ma Phi
Hi everybody, does anyone know how to remove the configured profile, after running serverless config credentials --provider aws --key AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE --secret wJalrXUtnFEMI/K7MDENG/bPxRfiCYEXAMPLEKEY
Andrej Novikov
hey guys. is there an easy way to use serverless framework programmatically from js? I'm currently putting together a github action (js) to deploy multiple services from a single repo
or you think I'm better off spawning cli processes for this?
Frank Lemanschik
cli sounds like a clever choice
together with github secrets that will lead to the right solution
Andrej Novikov
thnx, I'd just need to do some extra parsing to get deployed lambda id, so was thinking perhaps using serverless/lib/plugins/deploy or plugins/aws/deploy, but so far it seems those would require quite a bit of bootstrapping
Isaac Levy
oh hello
I ran npm install -g serverless serverless-offline, but sls offline returns command not found. I have both packages in /usr/local/lib/node_modules...
any ideas how to debug where serverless is looking for commands?
Kyle McNally

I'm trying to enable or disable an event based on the stage, but having some difficulties. This is the code I've got:

    prod: true
    dev: false
        rate: cron(.....)
        enabled: ${self:custom.scheduleEnabled.${opt:stage, self:provider.stage}}

Calling deploy with --stage prod, but the events are not being enabled in the Lambda Configuration Designer

Kyle McNally
actually, looks like I had the spacing on the schedule variable wrong. two more spaces on rate and enabled seems to have fixed it
Hi all, am I right thinking that in order to pass a body of request to serverless.test.yml I have to convert entire json body into yml?
I have a huge request body, thinking if I can store it separately in a file and feed it in into main serverless.test.yml. If not - can I specify to sls test command which serverless.test.yml to use so I could split serverless.test.yml per function/test?
Max Levitsky
Hi all!
Does anyone know how if I can control IAM roles for GCP functions from serverless.yml level?
By default, the new function doesn't have access for everyone. :)
Is there a way to build nested stacks with only serverless yml templates ?

Suggestion of 10 (TEN) crucial items for developing web application 2020

Could someone suggest the best tool/framework for small or medium size or enterprise web application for 2020 - 10 to 1000 users and millions of records

#1 - Best Unit test case framework

#2 - Best NoSQL Database

#3 - Best Relation Database

#4 - Best Synchronous Framework

#5 - Best Asychronous Framework

#6 - Best Front-End Framework (Active Development, Max Support)

#7 - Best Debugging Tool

#8 - Best Performance Tuning Tool

#9 - Best Code Coverage Tool

#10 - Best DB migration tool (ex: flyway)


Frank Lemanschik
where is the best deployment tool
best code versioning
best game for coffe break
Heiko Alexander Weber
I am having a really hard time getting my rust project to work with Serverless. Is there any comprehensive guide on how to achieve this? I can invoke it locally with sls invoke but sls offline is telling me that rust is unsupported as runtime. When changing to provided (and specifying --useDocker) I keep having the issue that it does't find the /var/task/bootstrap or /opt/bootstrap file. Even when specifying the handler.
I am using serverless-offline@next here.
PS: awesome project - I try to introduce this in a company right now.
Sebastian Pettersson


I'm getting the following error when deploying a project to AWS that defines an SQS queue which acts as the event source for a lambda function but where the defaultVisibilityTimeout is lower than the lambda timeout. I know that usually that's not something you want but in this particular case it's exactly what we want. The other problem is I don't always get it. I have another project with exactly the same setup which does deploy without problem. Is there anything you can think of that I might've missed that allows the one project the deploy but not the other?

"An error occurred: EventHandlerEventSourceMappingSQSSqs - Queue visibility timeout: 30 seconds is less than Function timeout: 900 seconds"

2 replies
Brad McAlister
Hey all. I'm just getting into Serverless and I'm having trouble finding out how to access the name of a function as a variable
6 replies
How can I append the function name config or configNumberTwo to the end of the lambda arn?
    - Effect: "Allow"
       - lambda:InvokeFunction
        - 'Fn::Join':
          - ':'
            - arn:aws:lambda
            - Ref: 'AWS::Region'
            - Ref: 'AWS::AccountId'
            - function:${self:service}-${self:provider.stage}-${self:custom.functionName}
    warmup: true
    handler: src/handler.config
    warmup: true
    handler: src/handlerTwo.config
Danylo Dzheniuk

Hi! Please, clarify - is it possible to configure signalR using serverless framework with Azure Functions?
The thing is - in azure sdk it's possible to do, but not sure how to add a binding needed for signalR to the serverless.yml configuration file.
In Azure documentation the binding looks like this:

          "type": "signalR",
          "name": "signalRMessages",
          "hubName": "log",
          "direction": "out"

But when I try to add to the serverless.yml:

  handler: SignalR_SendMessage/index.js
    - http: true
        route: /sendMessage
          - POST
          - OPTIONS
        authLevel: anonymous
    - signalR:      <------------------this event
        name: signalRMessages 
        hubName: log 
        direction: out

I keep getting Error "Binding signalR not supported" (but accordingly to azure docs signalR should be supported as well : )

Thanks in advance!

Anyone know how to fix this error?
The URL you passed is not one of the valid providers: "GitHub", "GitHub Enterprise", "BitBucket", "BitBucket Server" or "GitLab"
I tried using the --url and pointing it to the internal GitHub Enterprise address.
Hei, i want to update stack that contains some outputs that are used by other stack but i dont want to change its structure just lambda code. Regardless i getting:
An error occurred: clubhub-util-v1 - Export Clubhub-util-v1 cannot be updated as it is in use by clubhub-not-found-proxy-v1.
How do i properly update stack without removing it and adding back on. Or is that the way it should be ?

Hi all, I am having an issue and I'm not quite sure how to resolve it. We are trying to add API Gateway REST API logs but running into an issue because of access permissions. We have developers setup so resources must be created in a specific path relating to their app. However, when we enable restApi logs, serverless tries to create a custom resource outside of the path.

ServerlessError: An error occurred: IamRoleCustomResourcesLambdaExecution - API: 
iam:CreateRole User: arn:aws:iam::01234567890:user/username is not authorized to perform:
 iam:CreateRole on resource: arn:aws:iam::01234567890:role/some-vars-IamRoleCustomResourcesLambdaExecution-AKQSB3EK46O7.

We have tried to override the role as mentioned in the documentation but we can't overcome this error. We need to be able to direct serverless to create the role using the resource path we specify but can't figure out how to do that. Any help?

Frank Lemanschik
i would do it manual
if it needs to get done fast
Hey guys, why are the unit test not working?
Frank Lemanschik
good question
you will tell us
always complains unknow reporter
Frank Lemanschik
sounds logical
ERROR: Unknown “reporter”: ./tests/mocha-reporter
when running npm tests
Frank Lemanschik
@Bastczuak i have messaged you
Michael Kimpton
Hey all - trying to spin up an azure function which triggers off a storage queue. When I deploy I can't see the queue in the portal. Is this expected?
Kenny Yang

hello! I'm relatively new to serverless. Have been learning it the past month but don't have much production experience. A lot of clients I have are not using react but I'm building out react "widgets" that I'm embedding into their site.

I figured the best way to do this was to push the widgets to an s3 bucket with cloudfront. Does it make sense to server the widgets up as lambdas instead?

Frank Lemanschik
can you even do that
Mónica Escrich
Hello, I am in desperately need of running a step function state machine locally, right now after serverless step-functions-offline --stateMachine=nameState I am getting this errror : Cannot find module ´name.js´ I dont have any ide of that file, also I did follow all instruction on documentation. Currently using serverless-step-functions-offline
Michael Kimpton
Does anyone know of any good docs or sample repos using Azure? I'm struggling to find information on using serveless with Azure.
n3xtim3 What OS’s is favorable and why would you want to run server optimized applications for a serverless application? Whats your master network clock ot is a Asynchronise
n3xtim3 Fine...
n3xtim3 Fat fingers 🤷‍♂️