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I am trying to automatically execute a lambda every X time. I am using this syntax:

  handler: lambda.handler
    - schedule: rate(1 minute)

And in the handler:

module.export.handler = async (_event, _context, _callback) => {
  console.info('Powerfull Lambda running...');

But the console.info is not showing in the console. ¿What I'm doing bad?
Thx for the help

Luis E. Obando
I have an existing API gateway and a already created domain and subdomain in route 53, how can i link my subdomain to my API gateway?

If anyone is interested, I just posted an $800 contract to upwork.com to modify a serverless stack.


Hey guys, I'm trying to get the nuxtjs serverless example running on AWS and every time I run npm run dev it's monitoring my whole home directory for changes instead of the app folder, causing this to fail.
@luiseduardo1 you can create a A record in route 53 and add api gateway regional domain dns name.
Jeff Sittler
Hello! I am a newbie to Serverless components, and I am wanting to implement the Serverless Website Component for our frontend code. My question is, is there a way to use SSM Parameter Store in the component's serverless.yml? I tried the name: ${ssm:/path/to/service/myParam} format, but it didn't seem to populate properly. Any suggestions, or is this not supported at this time? Thanks!
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Hi fellow cloud inhabitants
one issue I am facing is around isolation of environments - using stages.
we start a mediaconvert job (success) and want to consume the cloudwatchEvent it produces.
but the events are consumed across stages, meaning that our dev stage consumes events from our staging stage.
to remedy this, i added the stage: - ${opt:stage} to our function trigger events.

  • cloudwatchEvent:
      - 'aws.mediaconvert'
      - 'MediaConvert Job State Change'
        - ${opt:stage , 'dev'}
        - 'COMPLETE'
        - 'ERROR'

Since having included this parameter, the lambda has not been triggered at all.
If i omit this parameter, the lambda triggers on all stages simultaneously, independent of the eventsource stage. (

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Răzvan Botea
hey guys, why doesn't functions.redirect.events[0].cloudFront.origin support having cloudformation functions as a value?
serverless warns me that "needs to be a string", so I guess the object is not being transformed/resolved
Răzvan Botea
oh wow, unbelievable, serverless creates another cf distribution, even though I already got one, how about tell serverless that I want to define it in the resources object instead of automatically creating one, then tell the event that I want the distribution with said logical name
This message was deleted
Damian Armitage

Since adding AWS Xray to my project, I seem to be unable to use --noDeploy to validate my serverless file before deployment. For example, if I run locally, sls deploy --noDeploy I get:

Rest API id could not be resolved.
This might be caused by a custom API Gateway configuration.

In given setup stage specific options such as tracing, logs and tags are not supported.

Or through the CI/CD pipeline in Gitlab I get:

AWS provider credentials not found. Learn how to set up AWS provider credentials in our docs here: .

Does anybody know of an issue with using AWS Xray and the --noDeploy option?

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A what is this server?
Gábor Gergely
I'm having trouble with S3 event handler lambdas
I'd like to have 2 separate lambdas, deployed by 2 separate serverless.conf -s, both handling (different) s3 events
I have set up https://www.serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/aws/events/s3#using-existing-buckets this, and works for the first lambda, but when deploying the second, then deployment fails
what is in that custom lambda, why is it needed at all?
1 reply
Gábor Gergely
also is this an AWS limitation, or a serverless implementation speciality?
dhirendra kumar
Hello all , Can someone help me for custom image
Please let me know if anyone can share any sample code where we have handled code using dockerfile
Is there a list of minimal set of permissions to declare for the deployment / CFR agent somewhere? Segregated by services spawned preferably? I've found this https://open-sl.github.io/serverless-permission-generator/ but it doesn't help much with requiring names.
Hi everybody
hi everybody
doesnt any one have experience working with azure api manager on sls ?
shashi ranjan
I am having problem using CLI on Mac
It install without any issue but serverless command gives no output. Any pointer?
shashi ranjan
It was environment issue, restarting the terminal fixed it.
Hi everybody - newbie question: Given that only rest api gatways can have edge optimized custom domain names, how do I force my serverless api gatway to create a rest api gateway instead of an http api gateway?
or must I use the customDomain plugin - I was hoping to do the custom domain via terraform rather then serverless
Sasha Sklar
Is there direct support for Lambda Insights in serverless framework?

Hey everyone, having a weird issue.
I'm using one of my serverless files to reference another so I can share custom configs: custom: ${file(../serverless.custom.yml)}

Within the custom, I have my dotenv that specifies the path
However, it seems it dosnt get a config. Modifying the dotenv file, it seems that the reference to serverless.service.custom is not the actual custom object as loaded from the file, but the string referencing "${file(../serverless.custom.yml)}" itself.
How can I get the actual contents?

Siddhant N Trivedi
Hey all, was curious if there is any tool/way to lint serverless.yml files ?
Cyril Scetbon
Hey, I've noticed that a disabled SQS event stays disabled even if I deploy again without enabled: false
another question is how can I decide that the SQS event gets disabled for dev but enabled for prod ?
or maybe sqs doesn't have the enable option so when it gets disabled it stays as it is ?
Cyril Scetbon
I just checked and it is in the template so it should be set
Cyril Scetbon
when using variable templates if there a way to say if prod then x else y ?

Can someone help me what to pass secretName and secretKey in below serverless file.

handler: gcr.io/knative-releases/github.com/knative/eventing-contrib/cmd/event_display:latest

  - awsSqs:
      secretName: aws-credentials
      secretKey: credentials
      queue: QUEUE_URL
Gurkiran Singh

I am new to Serverless.
I just want to know if there is any way around that we can create s3 buckets using serverless if else plugin.

What I am trying to achieve is that I want to create new s3 buckets as per Stage I gave in if else statement.

Fr example if script(serverless.yml) runs in production stage it should create different s3 bucket and if script runs in development stage then it should create different bucket according to if else statement.

Please let me know if there is any way around to achieve this.

1 reply
Frank Lemanschik
there are tons of ways for that you can use variables all over the place yml supports even environment variables out of the box
1 reply
you should start learning yml all the basics about it how it gets interpreted and that
this will give you the best learning boost as you will work with yml more often and that applys to every software that uses it
Benjamin Burns
Can azure functions defined via the serverless framework be easily triggered by events from event grid? If so, is there an abstraction for this?
gsb19 Hi all, I'm new to serverless. Looking for python compatible frameworks that don't require AWS.
Both long running and short-lived processes are interesting.
Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
Harshit Chhipa
Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 2.24.41 PM.png
Just installed serverless on my mac and getting this error when i run serverless --version