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Himanshu Joshi
getting this error on doing setup of aws appsync in serverless
Ross Coundon

@rcoundon Thanks ross. It's working now . But I'm able to do a post request using a curl command. But when I'm testing the API with fetch I'm getting cors error(CORS Missing Allow origin). But I haven't enabled cors while deploying in Aws Api gateway and in aws lamba also?

Hi - you can specify cors on the http event:

      - http:
          path: somepath
          method: post
          cors: true

But you also need to return the necessary CORS headers from your lambda function.
For example, you could define a function to add the necessary headers to your returned objects something like

export function addCorsHeaders(response: APIGatewayProxyResult): APIGatewayProxyResult {
  if (!response.headers) {
    response.headers = {};
  response.headers['Access-Control-Allow-Headers'] = 'Content-Type';
  response.headers['Access-Control-Allow-Origin'] = '*';
  response.headers['Access-Control-Allow-Methods'] = 'OPTIONS,POST,GET,PATCH,PUT,DELETE';

  return response;

Then you'd use it like:

const response = {
        statusCode: 200,
        body: JSON.stringify({
          message: 'some data',
return addCorsHeaders(response);
Ross Coundon

Ive been looking into ways to bundle a serverless node application. I see serverless-webpack has the option for includeModules but is there a reason that you wouldn't just want webpack to bundle/treeshake everything for you and just output a single file?

includeModules just gives you some options around including/excluding certain packages. For example, you might use something that is OS specific like sharp for local testing but not want this bundled in the package, so you can then use includeModules/forceExclude with sharp. Also, if you wanted to be specific about what to include you can use forceInclude, maybe you might want to do that with aws-sdk rather than use the version that lambda containers automatically include


Hello, can someone please advise if the following makes sense?

    handler: myCloudWatch.handler
      - cloudwatchEvent:
            arn: "arn:aws:events:us-east-1:123456789012:rule/MyScheduledRule"
              - 'aws.events'
              - 'Scheduled Event'

Generally I want to grant the λ function with a permission to be invoked by some scheduled rules, which are dynamic and therefore cannot be defined in the configuration yaml.

Hello, does anyone have a working example of deploying a lambda in a vpc to have a static ip ?
I put cors: true in the function config in my serverless.yaml, but the browser still complains that the response to the preflight request "does not have HTTP ok status."
I tried sending an OPTIONS request with curl and I got "internal server error"
Gareth McCumskey
@JacksonGariety Can you share your serverless.yml config?
John Mikel Regida
Hi guys, I'm trying to deploy nextjs in serverless using the plugin and I am getting a weird error - ReferenceError: window is not defined. Does anyone know where to start in solving this?
John Mikel Regida
solved this using nextjs' dynamic imports
Yusuf Kanchwala
Hi Guys,
Can anyone please let me know if Azure Event Grid is supported as an event source in the serverless framework?
Manpreet Singh
Hi Guys, I'm new here. Looking forward to contributing.
Alexandre Lemaire
Hey guys! Quick new-to-this question for you. Am using serverless through bref.sh; serverless deploy is failing with s3:CreateBucket Access Denied; can I specify the bucket that gets used somehow, such that the bucket can be created beforehand? For policy reasons (we work in a highly regulated industry), we can't allow auto-creation in access keys that are available to devs.
Kevin Piazzoli Felix Perez
Hello guys, I hope you have a good day, my question is the following, as I create more tables with the aws-dynamodb component, if someone could give me the answer I would be very grateful, I have been stuck for several days.
Aws-dynamodb link: https://github.com/serverless-components/aws-dynamodb
Ross Coundon
@JacksonGariety you need to return the necessary headers from your lambda too
How versatile is the VTL in the gateway ? Can I populate a error JSON and return 400 when validation fails ? It should all happen within the VTL.
Tyler Compton
Hi everyone. I'm trying to write a plugin that operates on AWS resources after they're created, but I'm not sure how to get the IDs or ARNs of these resources. If I pass !Ref MyResourceto my plugin, I just get a simple object: {Ref: MyResource} instead of the result of the function. If I look up the resource by name in serverless.service.resources.Resources[], I get all the information I provided in the CloudFront template, but not the ID or ARN.
Team, I am trying to implement canary deployment using serverless framework, do we have any sample to follow?
Gareth McCumskey
@pradeepkusingh I believe this is what you need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umsaXWrpgR8
thanks @garethmcc
not interested in politics :)
Alex Metzger
anyone got a sec for a funky problem? I'm trying to run a Python lambda but it seems like whenever I run sls deploy the package is getting uploaded with my python files present but truncated
Alex Metzger
looks like it might be darwin-specific, I'm just using a docker container and everything seems happy
Hey guys, we've created a selection of 2020's most relevant Serverless-related meetup videos, covering a bunch of hot topics, including the present and future of Serverless, migrating existing applications to Serverless, building brand new ones from scratch, and how Serverless can improve a team's productivity. You can read it here: https://blog.meetupfeed.io/serverless-meetup-videos-2020/
Felipe Campelo
Can anyone tell me if the lambda's memory consumption is shared with its intentions?
Hi! so i'm having a really weird issue, the serverless cli it's not working, at all, the only command that works is help, all the other things get stalled, maybe something is down ? i'm really confused of what's happening, any help is appreciated
Hi Everyone
Can anyone suggest best document / website for converting php monolithic app to Cloud Agnostic App? we are using AWS Cloud.
Praneet Rattan
Hello! I anyone else having issues recving slack alert notifications in case of invocation failures? We have had our setup for the past year, and after Jan 26th we haven't recvd any alerts. I added a new notification channel but yet no avail!
Any help would be appreciated.
Shouldn't there be arm templates in the template store? I cannot for the life of me find any arm templates. But I am seeing that they should exist
Kevin Mitchell

Hi all! QQ: re: serverless-offline- it's been a while tbqh since I've looked at / used serverless, but it used to be that (at least in theory!) serverless-offline supported more vendors than AWS. I am specifically interested in IBM OpenWhisk, and more specifically I want to get OpenWhisk running locally / "offline" along with TypeScript transpilation. I've had this working in the past (~2 years ago) with a bit of work (I had to fork the serverless-typescript-plugin to add sequence support at the time - https://github.com/kevin-mitchell/serverless-plugin-typescript/tree/develpr/add-openwhisk-sequence-support).... but now it seems like the serverless offline stuff is really only geared towards use with AWS?

That's a lot of words, sorry I could have probably said this in a sentence. I can't help add color sometimes!

hello there, needs help, any recommendation and guide on how to increase performance for my lambda? like caching? please link sample code or config also,
Hi All,
Could someone point me to the template for Azure Functions Nodejs TypeScript version using Serverless ?
Thanks in Advance !!!
Pedro Gomes

Serverless: Checking deployment create progress...
Error --------------------------------------------------

Error: Deployment failed: RESOURCE_ERROR

   {"ResourceType":"storage.v1.bucket","ResourceErrorCode":"400","ResourceErrorMessage":{"code":400,"errors":[{"domain":"global","message":"Invalid Value","reason":"invalid"}],"message":"Invalid Value","statusMessage":"Bad Request","requestPath":"https://storage.googleapis.com/storage/v1/b","httpMethod":"POST"}}
I keep getting this error, I tried changing service name a few times (possible name collusion from what I read on GH issues?)
service name is just word-word-word-word no strange characters
Pedro Gomes
finally find out, I was writing the wrong region name, from looking at deployment manager logs
How do I organize my resources in AWS? I want to group them into projects and set my budget by project. Or is it easier to create multiple AWS accounts?
It looks like you can create tags and break down your AWS receipt by tag. But how do you tag your resources in serverless?
Andreas Kohn
@JacksonGariety it depends on the type of resource. You can use serverless' stackTags (see https://www.serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/aws/guide/serverless.yml/), and most AWS resources have a way to also specify per-resource tags (see the CloudFormation documentation for the resources in question). Some AWS resources do not support tagging (yet).
Hey! How do I refer an arn of a fucntion within the serverless.yml file /
I want to create a role with permissions to invoke a lambda, without explicitly passing strings in. I mean If I can't use arn I can compose it differently, but I would rather have the ARN / Name there somehwo
Andreas Kohn
From top of my head: You should be able use !Ref/!GetAtt on the resource "MyFunctionNameLambdaFunction"
Thanks! Forgot bout the suffix, that's great: )
Ellery Familia
To switch from HTTP API to REST API, is the only change needed to change the event type from httpApi to http? Will domain manager work the same way?
Gareth McCumskey
@ElleryFamilia_twitter It may not.. I'd suggest experimenting in some form of dev environment to check first

We have 2-factor authentication set up in the AWS account. sls deploy command thus asks for the MFA code. How to run the deployment in non-interactive mode when MFA is enabled?

For ex:

lerna run

command does not support user input. Similarly, if this was to run in CI/CD, interactivity won’t be possible. How is this handled. What’s the best way to manage this in serverless framework with sls deploy command?

Ellery Familia

We have 2-factor authentication set up in the AWS account. sls deploy command thus asks for the MFA code. How to run the deployment in non-interactive mode when MFA is enabled?

For ex:

lerna run

command does not support user input. Similarly, if this was to run in CI/CD, interactivity won’t be possible. How is this handled. What’s the best way to manage this in serverless framework with sls deploy command?

Did you add AWS as a provider on serverless? I also have 2-factor on but have never been asked to provide an MFA code when deploying

has anyone ever taken a canary deployment project with serverless before??