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Zeeshan Haider
of runtime on aws
when I execute sls deploy it deploys with the older nodejs version in aws lambda
while my serverless.yaml is given below
org: zeeshanemallates
app: my-lambda-app
name: aws-lambda-starter
component: aws-lambda
  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs14.x
  stage: dev
  region: us-east-2
  src: ./src
  handler: handler.handler
its is not even respecting aws region
I am new to this framework may be I am missing something?
Nima Poulad
does anyone know how i can reference ARM template outputs in my serverless.yml file? (azure provider)
Zeeshan Haider
Himanshu Joshi

Type Error ---------------------------------------------

TypeError: Cannot read property 'pipesCount' of undefined
at ReadStream.Readable.pipe (_stream_readable.js:637:13)
at Readable.<anonymous> (/opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/node_modules/lazystream/lib/lazystream.js:33:12)
at Readable.instance.<computed> (/opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/node_modules/lazystream/lib/lazystream.js:18:14)
at Readable.read (/opt/atlassian/pipelines/agent/build/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_streamreadable.js:443:10)
at resume
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:84:21)

 For debugging logs, run again after setting the "SLS_DEBUG=*" environment variable.

Get Support --------------------------------------------
Docs: docs.serverless.com
Bugs: github.com/serverless/serverless/issues
Issues: forum.serverless.com

Your Environment Information ---------------------------
Operating System: linux
Node Version: 12.20.1
Framework Version: 2.17.0 (local)
Plugin Version: 4.5.1
SDK Version: n/a
Components Version: 3.7.5

Getting this error on nodejs project deployment with nodejs@12.20.1
Denis Pshenov
Hi guys, is there a way to limit the execution of a schedule event that runs every minute to a maximum of one concurrency? So that if the previous cron run didn't finish next one won't start. Does reservedConcurrency achieve that?
Gareth McCumskey
@ifeltsweet Yes it does. However, its very easy just to try it out to see if it does what you need it to do
Denis Pshenov
@garethmcc Thanks for the confirmation. I tried it using serverless offline and it didn't work, so I wanted a confirmation from someone who's done it before in production. I guess I should raise it with them.
Omar Dulaimi


I'm deploying multiple stages and have noticed that each deployment is created with a different api gateway id resulting in a different url for each stage.

We would like to have all of our stages on the same url:

Is that possible?

I couldn't find any docs about that.

Himanshu Joshi
No, you need to have a different URL for all environments for better isolation and less confusion.
Omar Dulaimi
if so, then what's the point of /stage in the url?
since from aws console you would see a single stage for each project
note that I'm deploying these stages from different branches
master => production
staging => staging
Also, We're not considering using a custom domain like api.domain.com, since we're planning to use cloudfront origins later on
Himanshu Joshi
So, how single url able to decide which DB, and backend it should hit if we have single URL. We can have single URL of one stage deployed in different region using route53 but not for this case.
yes but how your testers get to know if they testing in staging/qa
Omar Dulaimi
I get your point, but I dont see why we have to have a different deployment for each stage. it would make it a lot simpler to just hardcode the same base url, and then just change the stage value according to one's needs
I mean api gw already support that
So why not expose it to us
Himanshu Joshi
or just set keys in aws ssm and create pipeline file which do that for you. Like /project/<sstage>/<variable>
just button work
you can put other checked in pipeline so no manual work.
Omar Dulaimi
I honestly don't get what you mean by that. Is it documented somewhere so I could read more about it?
Himanshu Joshi

Error --------------------------------------------------

Error: EIO: i/o error, chmod '/folder/demo-api/.webpack/getFunction1/node_modules/aws-appsync/node_modules/graphql/module/type/definition.js'

 For debugging logs, run again after setting the "SLS_DEBUG=*" environment variable.

Get Support --------------------------------------------
Docs: docs.serverless.com
Bugs: github.com/serverless/serverless/issues
Issues: forum.serverless.com

Your Environment Information ---------------------------
Operating System: linux
Node Version: 12.20.1
Framework Version: 2.17.0 (local)
Plugin Version: 4.5.2
SDK Version: n/a
Components Version: 3.7.7

I trying to deploy our project in aws-appsync and our bitbucket pipeline breaking due to this.
Can anyone help use. It's urgent.
It's coming from serverless.
tenant-mgmt-service: # 84134: 25 of 26 promises have settled
tenant-mgmt-service: # 84134: 1 are taking longer than expected:
tenant-mgmt-service: # 84134: cf:vlncc-resources-lambda-sandbox.TokenAuthorizerLambdaArn waited on by: ${cf:vlncc-resources-lambda-sandbox.TokenAuthorizerLambdaArn} ${cf:vlncc-resources-lambda-sandbox.TokenAuthorizerLambdaArn}
tenant-mgmt-service: # This can result from latent connections but may represent a cyclic variable dependency
how can this be dealt with?
da club has asbestos
Anyway to use this plugin with an existing AppSync service that was not bootstrapped using the serverless ecosystem https://github.com/bboure/serverless-appsync-simulator
Dror Weiss

Deployment 1: success
Deployment 2 (immediately after) with --force flag: ServerlessError: ValidationError: No updates are to be performed

Is there a particular reason for this error despite using the --force flag?

Roberto Wesley Overdijk
This message was deleted
Cyber Peach
Sorry, If I want to run serverless in local , What Should I do ? and Now I got a problem .
Amit Goldberg
Hey, I'm moving to creating my λ functions with a Docker image, but I can't seem to make it work with serverless-offline. In AWS it works fine of course. Anyone have any idea how to make functions + API GW work with serverless-offline, when using image (=> docker)?
Charles Lanahan
hi, I have a serverless python code that works when I invoke local however when I deploy to AWS lambda python3.8 runtime a binary (that I have to use) links against libX11 which the runtime doesn't seem to support. How can I go about fixing this?
Charles Lanahan
nevermind, I guess just sticking em all in a lib folder near the binary seems to work
Alessandro Baccanelli
Hi guys! There is a way to get documentation about serverless object that serverless framework pass to js function in File(.path.js) ? I want read stage passed when invoke command and check if serverless framework invoked local. thanks
Hello! Do you guys know if there is a way to define the OAI for clodfront as a resource in serverless.yml?
I am trying to reference it in an s3accesspolicy resource that I have. created.
The use case is serving private s3 buckets content through a public cloudfront distribution.
Pedro Gomes
I want to create resources only for prod
if i do
          - ${self:provider.stage}
          - prod
this doesn't work