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Gareth McCumskey
@tomerdomshlak Do you make use of the nested stacks plugins of some kind?
The issue is around the fact that each deployed CloudFormation stack has to generate a IAM policy documents for various reasons. There is a limit as to how large any of these policy documents can be. If you werent using a nested stack plugin, usually you would have gotten an error about attempting to deploy more resources than allowed for a specific CloudFormation stack but using a nested stack plugin bypasses that so now your stack gets large enough to reach the limit of character size for an IAM policy
Hi @garethmcc . I'll start by saying big thank you for your quick response.
I'll consult with my team and send a response back.
Hannah Scovill
Hi All - I've noticed when I run a serverless <something> command, it always seems to want to resolve secrets before executing the task I tell serverless to run, even if it's just using a local plugin that has no reason to use the environment variables I have stored with my cloud provider.
What exactly happens when you use a serverless <something> command, anyway? I'd like to disable resolving every bit of the config if I'm just trying to do something simple & local. Then I can save config validation for a separate command I can wrap up into other scripts/pipeline steps.
Hi All ,
need a small info . Here is my serverless file .... most event post is not working
serverless has any issue
        - http:
            path: xxx
            method: post
            cors: true
            private: true
        - http:
            path: xxx/{sub_id}
            method: get
            cors: true
            private: true
        - http:
            path: xxx/{sub_id}
            method: post
            cors: true
            private: true
i am running the serverless-offline with node 12...
Cody Jenkins
@tomerdomshlak did you ever find out what was causing your issue? I'm getting the same error and I do not use a nested stack plugin as @garethmcc mentioned. Maybe I have too many resources somehow?
Cody Jenkins
My problem is solved by disabling HTTP API logs, but I'm not sure why:
#  logs:
#    httpApi: true
Bastien Picharles
Bonjour a tous,
Je travail actuellement sur un projet lamda avec serverless, qui possède pas mal de event scheduled (cron) et il semble que serverless créer/rajoute une ligne de policy pour chaque event.
Malheuresement, on tombe maintenant sur cette erreur: "The final policy size is bigger than the limit"
N'étant pas très calé en serverless, je voudrai savoir si il y a un moyen de gérer manuellement ou de pouvoir dire a serverless de faire des règle de policy plus global avec des * plutot qu'il me génère une nouvelle règle de policy pour chaque event ?
merci d'avance pour votre aide
Hi good afternoon
events with rabbitmq on aws mq setup. can anyone give a clue how to setup it on the yaml?
is it the same as activemq?
Eleonora Lester
hi, I'm trying to trigger a lambda when a row in dynamo db reaches it's TLL.. what config should I set up in the serverless.yml file? It expects a dynamodb stream but I don't want to check if there's a new row, I need the lambda triggered by the ttl
Matheus Souza de Oliveira Rios

Hey guys!

I'm having a problem when I try to run the start step function in another lambda function.

my code:
await stepfunctions.startExecution(params).promise();
But, he response nothing.

I've already increased the lambda execution time, but it's still not running.

@elstr I imagine you’d have to use a ddb stream then set the logic in the stream lambda fun to ignore anything but deletes


Hi all,

We're doing a free Webinar on October 5th on Enabling Serverless Teams (AKA how to standardize serverless development amidst a growing group of developers).

You can register here: https://app.livestorm.co/serverless/enabling-serverless-teams

Matheus Souza de Oliveira Rios

Has anyone had this error when trying to run a state machine?

errno: 'ETIMEDOUT',
code: 'TimeoutError',
syscall: 'connect',
port: 443,
time: 2021-09-28T20:22:32.335Z,
region: 'us-east-2',
hostname: 'states.us-east-2.amazonaws.com',
retryable: true

Gareth McCumskey
@MatheusRiios_gitlab That seems to indicate that your Lambda function is timing out. I woudl suggest adding console.log lines to various parts of your Lambda function to see exactly where it is timing out in your CloudWatch logs and that will guide you to a solution
Gareth McCumskey
@elleryfamilia With the Serverless Framework soon by the look of it: serverless/serverless#10025
Ellery Familia
Hm, the arch parameter should on a per-lambda basis. I'm expecting to have a mixture of both x86 and ARM Lambdas.
Gareth McCumskey
The proposal says exactly that
Ellery Familia
ha, I see it now.. thanks for pointing that out
Darin Hensley
Hello, we are using serverless.yml. In our pip install requirements.txt we are installing aws cli 1.*. Is the runtimewhere aws cli is being used?
  name: aws
  runtime: python3.7
Darin Hensley
Hello, I am using Serverless to deploy a bunch of lambdas behind API gateway. And handling the deployments via CICD. One of the stages in my cicd pipeline is Whitesource scanning. Seems like I was using an older version of serverless which caused whitesource to flag a bunch of vulnerabilities. Now, I upgraded to serverless 2.7.0. The vulnerabilities reduced from 34 to 13. But these 13 are still java libraries used by Serverless. Am not sure how to make serverless 2.7.0 use the latest libraries of the flagged packages. For example, kotlin-stdlib, jackson*
Saketh Saxena
Hi ! not sure if this is the right forum for this but there's 2 vulnerabilities shown for serverless right now, this is causing some of my pipelines while deploying serverless to fail as they perform a npm audit fix i wonder if anyone else is facing this issue and if there's a work around for this! Thanks https://snyk.io/test/github/serverless/serverless
James Moey
Does any one know how to setting durableClient in binding in serverless.yml? I am trying to use durable function in azure function


We just released Serverless Cloud into Public Preview, and it's now available to everyone!

  • 500ms deployments,
  • Instantly forkable apps (into isolated AWS accounts)
  • Rapidly create Preview and Test instances of your apps.
  • And much more make it a game-changer for serverless application development.


Let us know what you think!

Michael Eisel
Hi, during my deploy, I want to generate a string via a script and have it as an environment variable. I.e., I want to generate a serverless variable at runtime. Is this possible?
Hi everyone, I need to create a resource path like this blobs/{blob_id}
      Type: AWS::ApiGateway::Resource
          Ref: ApiGatewayRestApi
            - ApiGatewayRestApi
            - RootResourceId

        PathPart: '{blob_id}'
when I change this Ref: ApiGatewayRestApi to Ref: blobs it says undefined blobs resource
Hi everyone. I'm trying to use role-based AWS profiles:
region = eu-central-1

[profile aaa]
role_arn = arn:aws:iam::222222222222:role/foo-Deployment-Manual
It works with aws command line, but sls deploy complains that the profile isn't configured. Are such role-based profiles supported by serverless at all?
How does one migrate a serverless app from one AWS account to another?

Hi am running into an issue where my env vars aren't being expanded when my cloud formation json is being created:

service: ${env:FOO, "foo-default"}${env:BAR, ""}
    name: ${env:FOO, "foo-default"}${env:BAR, ""}
  stackName: ${self:service}

When I generate the cloud formation json it's creating these values:

      "Export": {
        "Name": "sls-${env:FOO, \"foo-default\"}${env:BAR, \"\"}-dev"

Basically It's treating the env vars as plain text. Should I report this as a bug or am I doing something wrong?

i have an env problem too

op@os-MacBook-Air resolute-serverless-backend % serverless

Serverless Error ----------------------------------------

Cannot reliably resolve "env" variables due to resolution conflict.
Environment variable "STAGE" which influences resolution of ".env" file were found to be defined in resolved ".env" file.DOTENV_ENV_VAR_RESOLUTION_CONFLICT

Get Support --------------------------------------------
Docs: docs.serverless.com
Bugs: github.com/serverless/serverless/issues
Issues: forum.serverless.com

Your Environment Information ---------------------------
Operating System: darwin
Node Version: 17.0.1
Framework Version: 2.66.1
Plugin Version: 5.5.1
SDK Version: 4.3.0
Components Version: 3.18.0

op@os-MacBook-Air resolute-serverless-backend % sls -v
Serverless: Running "serverless" installed locally (in service node_modules)
Framework Core: 2.66.1 (local)
Plugin: 5.5.1
SDK: 4.3.0
Components: 3.18.0

why does everyone markup look so much better thanmine?
Hi - facing a issue when running serverless offline - Azure NodeJs
Does anyone have any idea of how to resolve this - tried multiple solution but not able to resolve

why does everyone markup look so much better thanmine?

We know the syntax, obviously. Surround with triple backticks. There is markdown help to the right of the input box.

Webert Lima
This message was deleted
Gareth McCumskey
@JacksonGariety What do you mean by migration? If you just want to deploy in a different account it entirely depends on your credentials you use to log in with. You should then just be able to run "serverless deploy" with new credentials from the new account to deploy your stack there. However, these will be two entirely different and independant stacks. If you want to do things like move data, you might need to export data from the one account and import it into the other. This only really works if its a small amount of data. If its larger amounts of data AWS does provide some services you can use to transfer data between accounts
Guillermo Jimenez
Hi, I have a question, when I run offline the request verb is in here event.requestContext.http.method, but when I deploy in AWS lambda is here event.httpMethod
any way to normalize that ? or to make the offline runs as the aws one?