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how to create "rest api" so everyone
can you help me
@MinhTri1108: simply use a loadbalanced autoscaled entry point for that
that triggers the serverless functions it self via a http api
serverless concept is simply every function is its own scaleable service
Ryan Schachte
Hey guys. Any chance it's possible to have outputs and files in the resources block?
  - ${file(resources/dynamo/UsersSubscriptionTable.yml)}
  - ${file(resources/iam/UserRetrievalLambdaPolicy.yml)}
      Description: "The API Gateway Dynamic ARN"
          - ''
          - - 'arn:aws:execute-api:us-west-2:1234'
            - !Ref ApiGatewayRestApi
            - '/*/GET/users'
1 reply

Hey, hitting an error when trying to enable access logs on api gateway using this:

  name: aws
  runtime: python3.8
  versionFunctions: false
    httpApi: true

error looks like:
An error occurred: HttpApiStage - Insufficient permissions to enable logging (Service: AmazonApiGatewayV2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: BadRequestException
any ideas on how to attach a role to solve this?

Try running with SLS_DEBUG=* to see more information on the error.

Generally, you need to add the permissions described at https://docs.aws.amazon.com/apigateway/latest/developerguide/http-api-logging.html to the CloudFormation role you use.

There can be 4 roles:

  • The role having the deployment Keys
  • The role assumed by Serverless during deployment for auxillary operations and starting CloudFormation
  • The role assumed by the CloudFormation service during stack deployment
  • The role assumed by the AWSLambda service during runtime

All 4 can be different if you want to. For this problem you'll likely need to change the 3rd one

2 replies

If you don't have source_profile = in your .aws/config, then the second role is the same as the first role.

If you don't have the iam: DeploymentRole: in your serverless.yml, then the 3rd role is the same as the 2nd one

The 4th role is always different though, so you have at least 2 and at most 4 roles.
Hi - I've successfully configured a layer for nodejs that contains all my apps node_modules. The zip file during packaging correctly contains what I would expect. I then have my package.patterns setup like the below, yet no matter what I do, my main service's zip file STILL contains node_modules. Because node_modules is in my main function's package, I can't view the function in the lambda web interface because its too large to display. Anyone have any ideas for how to properly have my node_modules in a separate layer and get them OUT of the primary function package? I'm using serverless 0.70.0
    name: ${self:service.name}-${opt:stage,'dev'}-nodeModules
        - ./**
    path: lambda_layers
      - nodejs14.x

    - '!**'
    - '!node_modules/**'
    - utils
    - validation
    - '*.js'

Try setting just

  excludeDevDependencies: false
    - '!**'

and see if anything gets included.

@nponeccop similar result, i end up w/ a primary zip that contains node_modules plus everything else in the project.
the issue turns out to be this plugin messing it up, after removing it, all the packaging directives work fine.... bleh serverless-plugin-include-dependencies
Yonatan Bitton
After deployment ends I see all the resources that were created except the ones the was specified in Resources (CloudFormation syntax)
How I can able output with the created/updated resources too?
Christopher Thomas
Hey guys, does anybody know how I can configure the aws endpoints in serverless, I want to override the ssm endpoint to my local machine for testing. I use the ${ssm:something} configuration in my serverless.yml and I'd like to override ssm to be local instead of real AWS
Joel F. Ruelos Jr.
How can I create the serverless-dynamodb-local table without specifying it in the serverless config resource section? reason is that, the table definition is configured in separate repository. I was trying to put in migrations but no luck
Vitalii Kh.
Hi to all. I have a question and it will be nice if someone could help me with it.
After deploying the S3 bucket has been tracked by the serverless. The bucket name can be found in the property ServerlessDeploymentBucketName of output from the command sls info -v
So, the question is where is this bucket name is storing? How I can erase it and do the deployment again from scratch for the same project?
Guy S

Any idea why using Fn:GetAtt in custom var and then using it as stream arn would result in this error:

Serverless: Configuration warning:
Serverless: at 'functions.test.events[0].stream': unrecognized property 'Fn::GetAtt'


Guy S
arn: { "Fn::GetAtt": ["demo", "StreamArn"] }
Guy S
Any chance it's not possible to use GetAtt in custom vars?
Justin Turner Arthur
I think there’s been a long-standing bug with Serverless Framework trying to interpret Fn::GetAtt instead of passing it through to the CloudFormation layer.
Try using AWS’ shorthand instead to bypass Serverless Framework:
!GettAtt demo.StreamArn @guyschlider
Aanu Olakunle
Help.... AM getting this. "Cannot resolve serverless.yml: "provider.profile" property is not accessible"
Anyone have good resources to get started with serverless framework? I'm interested in using it with image processing at scale
Emdadul Haque
Hello All, I'm using the wsgi-serverless plugin to create a Flask api. When deploy the app it successfully deploys, but if I try to hit a simple hello-world endpoint it returns an internal server error with no stack trace and doesn't log anything to cloudwatch. Any suggestions?
Hey everybody, when writing a plugin, I've read where this.serverless.variables.populateService calls the old variable resolver. However, I cannot find any information on how to populate the service with the new variable resolver (i.e. variablesResolutionMode: 20210326). Anybody point me in the right direction?
Hi, im trying to test a statemachine locally and getting this error
2022-03-11 08:23:28.676: arn:aws:states:us-east-2:123456789012:execution:CreateImageList:test : {"Type":"LambdaFunctionFailed","PreviousEventId":4,"LambdaFunctionFailedEventDetails":{"Error":"Lambda.ResourceNotFoundException","Cause":"Function not found: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-2:142339138776:function:CreaeteS3ImageList (Service: AWSLambda; Status Code: 404; Error Code: ResourceNotFoundException; Request ID: cfebcd4e-4e7d-4fad-be34-a313c8b9b089; Proxy: null)"}}
can someone help
Probably need to let us know "how" you are testing it locally. Invoking it with sls? If so, what's your CLI? What does the output of SLS_DEBUG=* sls ..... show when you run your command? Should you be using serverless-offline to test locally rather than AWS?
Abin Joseph
Hi me i know how to use AWS secret maneger object as environment veritable in lambda using serveless framework version 3
Andrew Emil
Hi! I'm noticing that some devdependencies are not being excluded from our package. As an example, I see eslint in the node_modules dir of the package, but that definitely is configured as a devdependency in our package.json files. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong - does anybody have a recommendation into how I can get more insight into the way that serverless excludes dev dependencies?
Andrew Emil

Just as further information. If I open the package dir and unzip the code and run npm ls, I see a large number of extranious packages. I can confirm that these packages are 1. in the node_modules dir 2. not specified by the package.json file as dependencies 3. not required for execution of my application.

(serverless package --package out && cd out && unzip myservice.zip && npm ls)

I'm going to try to manually remove these and create the zip, then deploy that
Andrew Emil
Manually removing these packages worked, indicating that they are not required. I'm guessing this is a bug in serverless, I'll open a github issue.
Thiago Cardoso
hello everybody, does anyone ever needed to delay an sqs message delivery for more than 1 hour? I need to do that and I'm thinking what can I do to accomplish that. May I use Cloudwatch Events to do this?
hi guys, is there anyway to debug the serverless java apis locally using intelliJ or the remote debugging?
Osama Salama
Hi guys, I'm trying to run a mono repo serverless app locally with serverless-offline, since secrets are fetched from aws secrets manager, I can't assign $self in local runs with serverless offline, is there away to overwrite the variables fetched from ssm with .env variables on the fly without the need to rewrite my serverless.yml files?
Jakub Langr
Hello is this still the most active serverless community? I've also seen rumours of a Slack and/or Forum?
Jakub Langr
I have a fairly key bug: https://forum.serverless.com/t/aws-flask-http-not-working-with-custom-domain-in-a-way-that-is-compatible-with-new-deployments/16935 Or maybe I've severely underestiamted % of people using serverless with custom domains
Adrian Marin
Hello boys I have this problem when I'm trying to run for first time serverless, any help?
Attempted to run an interactive setup in non TTY environment.
If that's intended, run with the SLS_INTERACTIVE_SETUP_ENABLE=1 environment variable
Ronny Roeller

Hi! We're trying to migrate from the v2 variable resolvers to the new v3 variable resolver engine. I'm struggling with how to return "undefined" values (i.e. my resolver can't resolve).
If I return { value: undefined }, serverless gives error:

Source "xyz" returned not supported result: "undefined"

If I return just undefined (i.e. not wrapped in { value }), serverless gives error:

Unexpected "xyz" source result: undefined

If I return { value: null }, serverless gives error:

Value not found at "xyz" source

For context, I want to use this to pass an optional parameter:

      Type: AWS::Lambda::LayerVersion
          S3Bucket: ${myresolver:bucket, ''}
          S3Key: ${myresolver:key, ''}
          S3ObjectVersion: ${myresolver:objectVersion}
@ronnyroeller You have to set null as default value for objectVersion (S3ObjectVersion: ${myresolver:objectVersion, null}) and need to return { value: null} from variable resolver.
Robin Cawser

Hi all, does anyone know if it's possible to have conditional resources defined, based on the stage?

The use case is that prod and staging stages use a VPC, but dev does not. I am creating a Security Group under resources, which is what I want to make conditional based on the stage.