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Nov 2017
Nov 15 2017 13:11
Hello, It is possible to delete same Dashboards that we want to use please ? Because, in my environment we don't use vSAN for example. Thank you very much :)
Frederic MARTIN
Nov 15 2017 14:20
You could access default dashboards locally (through SSH for instance) from /var/lib/grafana/dashboards/*
but careful if you delete default dashboards, as there is no backup of them locally
Nov 15 2017 14:25
Thank you Frederic ! It's Works
Another questions, please.. It is possible to modify retention to have more details on the dashboard ? i would like to replace the values in the /etc/carbon/storage-schema.conf from (values by defaults : #retentions = 1m:1h,2m:2h,4m:3h,12m:12h,24m:2d,96m:7d,192m:30d,3840m:1y) to this values : retentions = 20s:1d,1m:7d,5m:30d,1h:1y,2h:2y . But after services restarted the metrics on Dashboard doesn't change . Maybe i miss something ? Thank you again !