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Feb 2015
Feb 22 2015 20:02
I'd like to ask : if someday someone propose a pull request to add markdown support for Shaarli, would it be accepted ? Beceause I heard about javascript markdown parsers which would not need to much editing from the current code.
Feb 22 2015 20:43
Hi all! Thanks @e2jk for the invite to the chat room ;-)
Feb 22 2015 23:12
@dimtion about the markdown support: I suggest waiting for a stable plugin system (shaarli/Shaarli#52, If the current logic is kept, you could parse the description via a plugin - we just need to render descriptions through a plugin - the current behaviour would be the default plugin (no parsing), but could be replaced with a markdown plugin. Better wait. It will definitely not be part of the default code.