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Feb 2015
Feb 26 2015 00:14
Hey! Regarding #95 (and a glimpse of #71), I've submitted #124 with a custom Makefile for PHP static code analysis, as well as a Travis config draft (untested, service down for maintenance)
All comments are welcome (need for other tools, usage, etc.) :smile:
Feb 26 2015 12:55
@virtualtam I'll experiment with this during the weekend, thanks! The makefile looks good. I have never played with travis, is the service free (as in beer, or as in speech)? Does is provide other services than the "build passing" notification? (as we have no build procedure at this time, just a plain zip download). thanks again
Feb 26 2015 19:21
Hi. There is a file called picwall2.html in the template directory. It doesn't seem to be used anywhere, can it be safely deleted?
Nicolas Danelon
Feb 26 2015 19:57
I check with grep... in the old version (the original) and in the community version and definitely... is not used anywhere (picwall2.html)
Feb 26 2015 20:37
+1 for the deletion of picwall2.html, I noticed this when removing CSS from template
Feb 26 2015 21:41
@nodiscc I've opened #130 to discuss CI (Travis-oriented) tools & features
Travis is back! Here's what a build looks like (with an output glitch to fix):