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Jan 2017
Alexis J.
Jan 17 2017 09:18
I observerd weird behavior with firefox social share, regarding tag suggestion/autocompletion. I guess it is more a firefox issue but, the tag suggestion seems always very slow with social share. I made several tests, on different locations, with different instances of shaarli (with a lot of tags on mine, with very few, like on the demo instance). But if you compare bookmaklet and firefox social share for tag suggestion/completion, the second make a lot of time.
In same time, if you enter a tag wich didnt exist, but begining like and existing tag, you can see the tip of the awesomeplete bubble during some (long) seconds, until firefox made the check that the tag doesn't exist at all.
Jan 17 2017 17:37
I can't reproduce using Firefox 50 on ArchLinux. But I used the demo which almost doesn't have any tag.
Alexis J.
Jan 17 2017 17:43
Try that: (open firefox share to save a link), enter an existing tag, wait 1-2 sec, to have matching with existing tag, continue to type letters to the tag (to make an inexisting saved tag)..
With the bookmaklet, if you observe closer, this this the same, but very quick
Jan 17 2017 22:56
Sorry for some reason I was not getting any notifications from Gitter (100+ unread messages). @virtualtam thanks for your work on shaarli/python-shaarli-client#2 it really helps me understand how to setup these tools.