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May 2017
May 03 2017 17:28
Hi guys. I'll probably release v0.9.0 next weekend, which means that I'll merge #764 and #840, then provide/merge a GET API endpoint for the history. Regarding the new theme, I'll set it as default (I'm using it for all my dev, I don't have any issue). Let me know if that's OK with you, and take a look at the open PR if you want to.
May 03 2017 18:09
I'm OK with releasing v0.9.0, I'll try to find some time to review shaarli/Shaarli#840 & add the corresponding client code
the CHANGELOG/release draft and shaarli/Shaarli#353 should be updated as well to prepare for the release
May 03 2017 18:54